Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer has come and gone...

Man oh man it has been a very busy summer and life is FINALLY settling down! I seem to blog like this so I guess I will just keep with tradition and talk about what has been happening as we go through the pictures!
I really do want to be better at blogging, I will get there someday lol.
So my brother Landon left on his mission at the beginning of the month. It is always hard to say good-bye but this one seemed a little better. Probably because this is brother #3 that has left and it helped that he was so stinking excited. He could not get the smile off his face!
This was at the airport right before he left. When Landon gets home Kayla will be almost 3! That will be so crazy!
 We had family pictures with my family before Landon left which was a lot of fun. It will be fun to see how they turn out!!
 We were able to visit Mikes family in Utah a few weeks ago and we had a blast! The first day we went swimming and Kayla loved it! It was her first time!  
 Another day the entire family traveled down to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. I think that was the first mini vacation we have had as the Brown family! It was a very hot and somewhat humid day. I really thought I was in a southern state! None the less we had a wonderful time! 
Kayla didn't always realize what was going on but she did love it when she could see the big animals moving! It's a good thing she loves her stroller!   
 On our way home from the Zoo we went to visit Michael's Grandma, Grandma Magnusson. It was good to see her and let her play with the great grand kids!
 Grandma and Grandpa Brown and all their grand kids! 
My dad had tickets to the Broncos first home game and he invited us to go with him! It was a total blast! He had 6 tickets but four of them were together in one section and the other two were FIRST row on the northeast corner right by the end zone. Ya we were the lucky two that got the front row seats! It was a great night!
 So Kayla is a big 9 months now! I can't even believe it!
 We had her well baby check up just last week and she is doing grand!
97th% in head circumference
96th% in height (29.5in)
and 73% in weight (20lbs 3oz)
 She is nice and big just like her parents! It is a love/hate relationship with her growing up... it is oh so fun but very sad at the same time.
 Here are a few fun facts about Kayla!
*Her two bottom front teeth at the beginning of July. We are now waiting for the top two teeth :)
* She loves to be outside! Any walk we take she doesn't say a word!
* The stroller is one of her favorite places to be
* She is in a growling stage. If you growl back at her she smiles and does it again just louder. It is her new favorite game!* She also is in the stage of fake coughing
* Her two favorite songs are Tiny Turtle and I'm a Little Tea Pot. She stops in her tract to listen to you!
* She is walking along side the couch and getting faster by the day
* Sometimes her gibber jabber sounds like words, it kind of freaks us out! 
* The face that she has below is what she is doing about 85% of the time! So cute!
* We have found that she is very very ticklish and now will laugh when you tickle her!
* The past few weeks she has become very needy. Some days are worse than others but sometimes if you are not in the same room as her or if you are not looking at her she SCREAMS and cries like the world is coming to the end. It is quite sad. I hope this stage comes to an end soon. It is very hard to get ANYTHING done lol. I do love the snuggle time though!
* All of a sudden she will not sleep through the night. She was for awhile but then after we went to Utah for our visit, she don't think it is cool anymore. She will wake up between 4:30 and 5:00 and go back to sleep if I snuggle her or give her a bottle. I am working on coming up with a solution. So far changing her bed time (doing it earlier and later) and stuffing her full is not making a difference. Any suggestions would be welcomed!  
 AND for our biggest news....

 Oh nothing is safe any more. This was one of the first times she did this so she was still a little uncoordinated. She has since gotten very VERY fast and good! At the same time she started going from her tummy to sitting which she had not done before! It is all so cool.
I know I know. I am a first time mom. I am enjoying every moment of it though!
 The funny part is she is not fond of the linoleum or wood floor. She touches it and retracts her hand back very quickly and cries if she does get on it. It is so funny!
So there is a quick update and I will try and bring another soon!


Michelle said...

So cute! Let me know if you figure out how to get her to sleep again. Afton is doing the same thing (though she's half Kayla's age). She slept 8-9 hours when she was a month old, but wakes up really early again now for the past few weeks. Silly babies!

Claire said...

She is seriously one of the cutest babies ever. And I'm not just saying that!

Jordan and Leslie said...

Most babies have different times where they regress in sleeping. I found with both of them since I don't let them just cry it out it was easier to feed them and put them back to bed and while you feed them make sure you keep the lights off and remind them that it's still bed time. Both my kids woke up once almost every night until they hit 1 then for some reason they both stop and they are the BEST sleepers ever!! I think routine is everything! Whatever you decide to do make sure it's the same every night.

Rebecca said...

Kayla is so cute! A lot of times kids will sleep poorly for a while because of teething. In fact Grace has been doing that now because she's getting her 2 year old molars. She slept 13 hours straight since 3 months old but will wake up for a few weeks in a row when she's teething. Hopefully that's what it is and she'll get back to sleeping better again soon.

RCA said...