Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Very Fun Valentines Weekend!

So over the Valentines weekend we had the opportunity to visit our dear friends… Emily and Rob! We had a BLAST!!!! We went up on Friday night and when we got there Em had prepared a great dinner and we watched the Shinning on TV (it was Friday the 13th so there were scary movies on). We then played a wicked game of Disney Scene It… that is an intense game! Rob had to work so when he left the 3 of us talked till our eyes were closing in the middle of conversation.
Saturday Em, Mike and I went to Porters (Rob was sleeping) and bought a bunch of crafts… I had such a hard time deciding on what I was going to make and not spend over my allotted amount. There were too many cute things! Let’s face it, I am meant to be a homemaker J Anyways… Em and I crafted all day! It was so much fun! Her apartment looked like a mini craft store between my 3 tubs of crafts and Em’s drawers of stuff! While we crafted the boys played LIFE and we all watched Disney movies… It was awesome! The best part was when we would all bust into song with the movie! Mike gave me my Valentines gift… a white pea coat!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Mike’s gift… well I ordered him a Duke hat online and I had it shipped to Emily’s but it took longer than expected so it never came, he will get it soon enough! That night the boys took us to dinner to The Hard Hat! I love that place! The scones are awesome so by the time Em and I got our food, all we had were a few fries and we were full! That night we played a game called Celestial Companions and I am not sure if it brought us as couples closer together or pulled us apart! If our spouse answered the way we didn’t want them to then the other couldn’t believe it! We were all laughing so hard…. Lets just say Mike and I will be getting to know each other a little better!

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then headed back to their place to make lunch, taco soup! Robs cousin and her husband and Casey came over for lunch and for desert we busted out the chocolate fondue! We watched Emma Smith My Story and that was so good! I LOVE church history! After Robs cousins left we played What’s Yours Like, we were in a gaming mood this weekend! Casey, Emily and I then decided to go visit some old friends from our freshman year at BYUI. We first visited Derek and then Jenna and Ryan and their little 9 month old boy who is adorable! I miss them all so much! Later that night after Rob went to work (so sad… we wished he could have stayed home!) we played win, lose, or draw and we seriously laughed our heads off!

Unfortunately we had to go home on Monday but on our way out we were able to stop and see my dear friend Jessie! Overall it was an awesome weekend and had so much fun! Emily and Robbie’s hospitality was awesome and we are going to miss them so much when they move! It is a botter sweet thing to have them leave, we are happy and excited for them to move on with life and at the same time we are REALLY going to miss them! It was a good getaway weekend which is what Mike and I needed! THANKS!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well there will be no pictures this post because they would have been horrifying! For the past 2 weeks I have felt sicker than a dog and gave it to Michael. I came down with a horrid cough and the chills at first and thought that I could beet it with a little R&R but no... after 5 days of not moving off the couch and giving Mike the chills, a fever, and my cough, I finally went to the doctor. I had bronchitis! So all the meds I had been taking (including all the cough and cold and sinus medication) were not helping much. So the doctor gave me an antibiotic, some prescription cough medication and an inhaler because my air ways were being constricted! Just last week I began getting another symptom... really bad nashua! No... I am not pregnant for those of you who are wondering... I have been on some other medication prior to getting sick which would upset my stomach slightly but I think with the combinations of all the medications I was taking, it just was not setting well with my body. Well anyways, I am finally on the up and up... not 100 percent but I am much better! Michael got lucky and just caught a cough but that was about it. After a few days of having a fever and being weak he got better a bit quicker than I. He now is struggling with a bit of a stuffy nose, it sometimes seems never ending! We were joking last night that the neighbors know exactly when we get home because we both start coughing and hackin up luggies (I think it will be that way for another week or so)! One thing that I have not gotten back yet is my taste senses... I have not been able to taste my food in 2 weeks! For someone who loves to eat, it is a sad day when everything tastes bad... even POPCORN!!!! The point of it all is we are just both so happy that we are overall feeling better; life is much easier when you are not fighting your body!