Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 more days...

It's our 3 year wedding anniversary! I'm so excited!
So I had to blog just because I am so stinking excited! My brother is coming home from his mission Wednesday afternoon! He was in the Hartford Connecticut mission I can hardly stand how excited I am! Not to mention it will be our anniversary. Because of all the festivities on the 12th, we will celebrate in a few weeks. Any who, It seems like all we can talk about the past week is about Log coming home! He has just loved his mission and has been so faithful. He has been saying "I'm livin' the dream!". I am so proud of him and just am thrilled to spend some with him! I will for sure post about the homecoming and his party later in the week. In the mean time...

New Years was wonderful. Mike, Madison, and I went over to our good friends the Johnson's house for new years eve and we had a blast. It was kinda funny because my mom and dad went to the New Years Eve dance at the church and chaperoned... therefore Madi would have spent the night alone at home! So she came with Mike and I and we had a lot of fun! We played WII for awhile, talked for a long time, and naturally ate LOTS!

Other than that... still moving forward! More will come later this week!!