Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another beginning starts..... TOMORROW!

Okay I should really be in bed right now but my mind is racing!

Yesterday we went in for our last doctors appointment. All went well. Too well. We were talking about the induction next week and my doctor told us that he will actually be in the OR on Monday and that there is a good possibility that he could not deliver our little one.

That was not my favorite thing to hear. I REALLY like my doctor.

He then said that we could do it Tuesday but he is not on call that day. He will be in the office but we still run the chance of not having him there for the delivery. Michael jokingly suggested that Saturday would work for us, the doctor came back with "good luck trying to find me" hahaha it was pretty funny. He then suggested that he would be on call Friday and we could do it then...

THAT WAS LESS THAN 48 HOURS AWAY!!! I am dilated to 3 already which is a great sign too!This ball had officially begun rolling, I was shocked!

We are so stinking and blasted excited! I am being induced for medical reasons. Those being mainly because of the blood thinners I am on can be a problem (too much bleeding) if the are not stopped in enough time before delivery. There is a chance that I could NOT get a epidural if I had taken my injection within a certain amount of time! I would rather not play around with those possibilities!

So the past 24 hours we have gotten done the last few minute things that we needed to. The bags are packed (they have been for weeks to be honest), the house is clean, her room is pretty much ready, Christmas is up, and we are as ready as we will ever be for our daughter to get here! Now all I have to do is sleep tonight, which will be easier said than done....
So that is where we are at. We check in at the hospital at 8:30 tomorrow morning and we will get started. I am hoping that since my body seems to be kicking into gear already that all will go smoothly.

Here is my last post as an expecting mother, the next one I will be a proud momma Brown! Michael is like a 6 year old before Christmas morning, it is so much fun! Wish us luck and we will post the good news and lots of picts soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another blog

So Michael decided about a month ago that he wanted to start a blog. As we got talking about what kind of blog he wanted, he was very interested in writing about being a father and his thoughts and feelings on the subject. It didn't take us long to get it up and going and for Michael to write his first post! The thing is I don't think I ever really told anyone about it! The blog address is He is way excited about the blog and would love for all to check it out and comment lots and follow it!
He is such a sweet man and I love that this is one way that he shares emotions. It's amazing the therapy that blogs can be for us all!!
So check out the blog and let us know what you think!

Friday, November 4, 2011


There is lots to say today so I will get right too it!

I never got a chance to talk about my baby shower 2 weeks ago! My very sweet friend Stefani gave me a wonderful, yummy, and fun shower. We had a great turn out with some very fun and original games. It was a pumpkin theme so the food was naturally amazing (some very good recipes that I will need to get soon)! Naturally, everyone blessed us with beautiful, piratical, and fun baby gifts so thank you to all those who have helped us get ready for baby girl!

Halloween was last weekend and I just had to do something fun and different for costumes. I did lots of research online of lots of prego costumes and we decided on me as an oven with a bun cooking, and Mike was the bun maker. We had so much fun making our costumes! We went to the Halloween party at my parents ward and we had a blast (our costumes were a hit!). Then on Halloween we went to my parents and carved our pumpkins, had a very yummy spooky dinner, and handed out lots of candy to many darling children (oh and we dressed up again, we got lots of comments on the costumes again)!

We had another doctors appointment this Wednesday and went in with lots of questions as usual. Oh and I am 37 weeks as of tomorrow!
We told him of some of the little concerns that we have, one of which is the ridiculous amount of swelling that has occurred over the past 2 weeks (I gained 15 pounds in 16 days!!!!!!!!!!) not only in my feet and legs but my fingers look like sausages and my face keeps gaining chins lol! I also told him of the slight pain that I feel under my right ribs (I had attributed to her pushing my innards all up in my ribs) and my slightly raised blood pressure. Well after discussing all of this issues he agreed that he was not totally happy with it all and was worried about toxemia. Good news was my blood pressure was not alarming enough that there was no cause to induce me right that moment. Now the pain I have been having he became a little concerned with my liver. So he took some action.
We first set a date for me to be  induced which will be Monday the 21st, first thing in the morning! So no matter what, she will be here for Thanksgiving!!!!
Then he ordered some labs and told us that if the results were not where he wanted them to be, then he was going to induce me FRIDAY! We were excited yet shocked at the same time. He told us that we would be called on Friday and told what the plan would be. If all came back well, he wanted me to come in on Monday so he can keep a close eye on me. If he didn't like the results, we would be brought in right away to have this baby. That night we frantically did some last minute packing, cleaning, organizing, planning, and shopping. My dad also came over and was able to assist Michael in giving me a blessing which I was so thankful for.
Well all labs came back okay so we are safe until Monday. I am SOOOOO excited for her to be here but at the same time I am so thankful for the extra time to continue doing the things that I want to get done before she gets here! My doctor now seems to think that I will not make it to the 21st (afraid that the toxemia will set in).

We completely trust our doctor and know that he knows us well as well as our concerns and is going to do what is best for the baby and I. We are thankful for such an amazing doctor who cares so much!

2 of my mom's sisters and my cousin came in town this weekend for a fun girls trip since it is time for the annual hunt! We have a fun filled weekend planned and are already having a great time (yes I am blogging while everyone is playing hand and foot but I HAD to put my feet us for a few minutes since I was unable to feel them and they look like they will explode at any moment). Pictures will come soon!

Some good news? Because of the hunt, I am pretty much done with work! I was going to try and go back on the 14th part time but when I told my doctor that, he was not too thrilled. It looks like my working days are done for now and I can focus on our little girl getting here!!

Soooooo much is going on, there is so much excitement, and I love it all! We never thought that this month would come but it is really here and our dreams will be coming true very soon!!

(It is late for me so I hope that this post makes sense since I am very tired lol!)