Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Accomplishments

Michael is scheduled to take his test! WOOHOOO! I had to share this because we know that the end is near!!!! I am so excited to be with him again and not just for a day or two! He has worked so hard and if all goes according to plan, he should be back with me by the end of the week! I was able to go visit him last week and it was awesome. Though I think I should not say it like that anymore because people have come up with some odd ideas of WHY I was visiting him! I was able to visit some old friends, window shop, play lots of game, and just relax! I went to the Princess festival with my sister-in-law- and my 2 nieces, they had a bast!
Brooke, my cousin, was able to fly back to Colorado with me so she could spend a week out here with all the kids! It was nice to have a buddy to fly with! This week has been pretty good and productive. My mom and I have worked a lot on the study and SLOWLY it is all coming together. My cousin Ashley celebrated her 16th birthday and we were invited to her surprise party! I was assigned to make a backdrop to take pictures at and it turned out pretty stinking cute!!!! She was very surprised and the night was a lot of fun.
Oh yes.... and here is a picture right after I chopped off my hair!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I have been wanting to blog for a week or two now but the problem is I have NOTHING to blog about. So here is what has not been going on around here!

I am still single! Okay not really but Michael is still not here with me. The good news is he has his test dates for flying so he (cross all your fingers) should be here by the 23rd :) We are hoping that this will all go right for once! I am so thankful for him and for sticking through it all. I just can't wait to be with him again! So for moral support I am going out to see him on Wednesday and will drive back with him (cross your toes)!

P90X.... do I need to say more? I have officially began the insanity! Some women in our ward/stake invited my mom and I to do it with them! So we are working out with them Mon, Wed, and Fri. We have the videos as well so we will do the other days on our own! My first day was on Friday and it was BRUTAL! Lets just say that today I am finally moving with grace haha! But I really like it am excited to see the results!

Crafting is AWESOME and I am trying to do lots of it!!! Yes... I am STILL working on my craft blog and should have it up and running soon! I have also been working on this little craft business... more info will be coming soon! Oh and my mom and I are not apart of a card exchange club! I am so excited!

In the meantime my mom and I have been cleaning the house out and getting lots done. Michael studies, studies, and well studies! All is well though.... hopefully the next post will be more interesting and will involve pictures! :)