Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Holy moly time is FLYING!!! December has been crazy but absolutely wonderful! It has been full of lots of family and friends. Let’s recap what has been going on :)
*We went up to Logan to do family picts but we got snowed out so it was a bonus weekend with Mike’s family and we saw the cutest play at USU! Thanks mom and dad Brown!
*Mom Rogers came out to Utah to get Logan from BYU, that’s always a fun bonus!
*There was lots of shopping done
*We went up to Logan for Christmas on the 23rd and were there till the 27th.
*While up in Logan we did lots of fun stuff like sledding, fun family dinners, lots of movie watching, playing with my cute nieces, and lots of games.
*It snowed at least a foot on Christmas day so I finally got my white Christmas! It actually started as rain and we were sledding in it! It was supper wet and I was drenched!
*Mike’s mom and dad took us up to this place called Hardware Ranch where and I went on a wagon ride and saw a herd of about 400 elk... it was sweet!
*We flew out to Colorado on the 27th with 2 of my cousins and are here till the 4th... whohoo!
*A bonus this year was my aunt and uncle from Chicago and their 2 boy’s came out for Christmas and they are all so much fun!!
*This last Sunday, Logan had his farewell and open house for his mission and it was a great day filled with lots of family and friends!
*We have watched lots of movies, EATEN LOTS, played lots of games, had some friends over, and just chilled!
*Monday night, Emily and I kidnapped my 2 cousins and my little sister for a girl’s night where we got treats at Sonic and then we danced in the mall parking lot for an hour! It was so much fun!

Anyways, the fun continues! I will continue with updates and picts... but a Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! We love you all!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting ready for the holidays!

Well, about a week before Thanksgiving, Mike and I went and bought a couple of Christmas crafts. Okay, maybe a few more than a couple lol. So we went to Michaels and got some cute stuff :) We got a tree and a snowman… thing... that had holes for lights and I got to paint them. Well this is how they turned out... supper cute right? Then we got a couple of ornaments that Mike and I painted together! They turned out REALLY cute! Mikes is the Gingerbread man and the snowman and he did an AWESOME job! My favorite is the gingerbread man :) I did the rest. I also go these two snowmen that I painted also and they turned out great! I was so proud of myself for making my own decorations and for cheep! All of that plus the paint and supplies were only $30! I think I did good! The weekend before Thanksgiving, Mike and I got our VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE! It is an awesome tree and Mike liked that it started out as a Charlie Brown tree! We had lots of fun putting it up and Mike was very good at it all! About 3 hours and 800 lights later, our tree was finished! I of course had to have it up before the first of December so that we can enjoy it for the rest of the year! Then this last week I went and got a wreath and some berries and ribbon and made a cute wreath that is now on my door! I can't believe I figured out how to do all that! I love Christmas! This is one of my favorite parts of being married, doing all this fun stuff together like buying our first Christmas tree, and doing crafts together, listening to Christmas music under our lighted Christmas tree... It is all so wonderful! The only thing is... is has HARDLY snowed yet! I WANT IT TO SNOW WITH ALL OF MY HEART! Well... I am sure it is soon to come :)

Oh Goodness... Beginning of November!

Well... I have been meaning to update our blog for way too long. I have taken all these pictures and mean to blog about them but this time of year is so busy! So I am going to do this in sections as if I had been doing it over the past few weeks. To begin, my in-laws were able to come down and spend a day with us andgo to the last BYU home football game (Nov. 8th) and we had a lot of fun! They spent one night with us where we barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs and just enjoyed each others company! Then that same weekend there was a Nauvoo reunion where about 65 of us from our semester gathered at a fellow Nauvooers home and chatted with everyone! It was soooo much fun to see so much of the Nauvoo gang like Matt, Brant, Kilay and Kelts (I was sad Jessie couldn't make it though). Then, like many other women and girls, I too went and saw the Movie Twilight the day after it came out! And you wanna know what? I have the best husband in the world because he went with me and we had a great time! Thanks honey… I love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well I shall begin with our family’s big news... my brother Logan got his mission call! He is going to Hartford Connecticut Spanish speaking mission and reports to the MTC January 7, 2009! We are all so happy and excited for him and proud of all he has done! We can not believe that this time has come but we wouldn't want him doing anything else!Well Halloween has come and gone all too quickly! Mike and I helped out a good friend, Sister Miner, with her ward Halloween party on Wednesday night and we had a ton of fun! We ran the dancing and doughnuts... it was surly entertaining! I am not sure if her ward enjoyed the dancing but I know that Mike and I did :) I was a cow girl and Mike was someone from GREESE! He looked good :) It was fun to be with the Miners a little bit... they are so much like family to me! Then on Halloween night we finally got around to carving our pumpkin just before trick-or-treating started! He turned out pretty cute considering I carved his out as fast as I could! Earlier in the month we had decorated our door and so I like to think that our little apartment was quite festive! Unfortunately we didn't have very many trick-or-treaters but I guess that’s what we get for living in an apartment complex lol. I love this time of the year! The weather is changing and the leaves are falling and ‘tis the seasons for holiday cheer! Most of I am excited for the cool weather and am soooo ready for the snow! Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What does the fall weather bring?

Unfortunately... sickies. Mike and I had both been fighting a slight cold and then it all hit me! I believe it was something between strep, the flu and a cold. This weekend was slightly miserable but with all the TLC from my hubby I was able to get some good rest and I am slowly getting better :) I decided that the only thing that is good about being sick is all the attention and love that you get from your sweetheart (not to mention all the yummy treats and back scratches)! Well October has been good to us so far. I had my 22nd birthday on the first which was wonderful! The best thing about this month is that life has finally slowed down just a bit! I have been working lots and Mike has been studying hard. Besides that we are just trying to stay healthy!! Lots of love!

Monday, September 29, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY!! And a little bit more...

Oh me oh my how time has flown by! So over the last month we have been very busy! My dad came out again for another BYU football game and was here for a weekend, we had a grand time! One of Mike's best friends got married about 2 weeks ago (and must I say Michael look VERY good!) and all the men were wearing zuit suits!! Something fun that we did was we went on a date on night where we got dinner, went to nickel cade and then danced in the rain.... that was something I have always wanted to do! But this last weekend has been the best! Mike and I went up to Park City to celebrate our birthdays! We went to Main Street and had dinner in a little Italian restaurant, roamed around Olympic park, swam in the hotel pool, and just relaxed and had a great time! It was the perfect little getaway! Then yesterday Mike had his 26th birthday! We celebrated by relaxing, sleeping, opening his gifts and eating one of his favorite meals (biscuits and gravy) followed by dessert which was banana cream pie! Mike was able to get some new pants and a new shirt this weekend as a b-day gift and then I got him a movie and a little gas barbeque!! He is very excited to use it! It was a great day :) So happy happy birthday to my one and only, the love of my life, my sweetheart!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The time has come!

Well fall is coming... hip-hip horoay! We are very excited and ready for the cool air to arrive. For Michael, school has finally started and so far so good. He is taking 17 credits and will be very busy trying to finish his flight hours and trying to keep up with all his homework. We found out some great news, Mike looks like he will be graduating sometime next year so there is light at the end of the tunnel! The last month was a pretty good wrap up for our summer. My mom, dad and Maddie brought Logan out to school and totally surprised me about two weeks ago! My mom helped me with my open house (which was greatly appreciated) and then we went to the first BYU home game which was incredibly hot but fun! It was fun to have my family stay with us in our cozy little apartment; the weekend was just too short! Just a week before that we had the opportunity to go and visit some friends up in Rexburg Idaho! We relaxed, went to the temple, and then as a wedding gift, Jessie and JB took us up to Jackson Hole Wyoming to a place called Bar J where we had a chuck waggon dinner and then watched a show that was hysterical! So, that cozy-ups our summer and brings us back to where we are which is going to school and working! Love to all and happy fall! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer 2008

The summer has been so much fun and we have been very busy! We went to Romeo Colorado where we spent July 23rd and 24th and celebrated pioneer days with the Rogers side of the family! We spent the weekend spending time with the family, four wheeling, going to the carnival, watching the parade, and relaxing! The next week my mom and I were able to attend Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake and we had a blast! I was quite sick but we had lots of fun none the less and got some REALLY cute stuff. I am loving being a demonstrator! Since then we have enjoyed being with family, going to 7 Peaks, watching movies, fighting HORRID allergies (both if us!), playing games, and of course working! I have been kinda sick the last couple of weeks and am finally feeling better and was able to clean my apartment and get organized this last week! The one thing I can not clean though is the yucky ants that will not leave us alone! Almost every day they decide to pay us a visit wither on the kitchen floor or on the stove top! All I can say is 409 is the only way to get rid if them... for a short time at least. After working on feeling better, I forgot that my body has yet to meet the sun this summer and I burnt my thighs, chest, back and shoulders this last weekend and I am at the itching stage... it is miserable. None the less it has felt so good to catch back up! Mike's last day at work is tomorrow so that he can focus on school which begins in two weeks so we are looking forward to our schedules changing... again! Never a dull moment! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Car Show

Well first good news, I get a new job! I am leaving the office I am at and going to work for another dentist that is a little closer to home! I will start that job on the 28th and am pretty excited! This weekend Mike had to work and put the State Farm cars in the American Fork car show so I helped him! We were there all day Saturday but we had a good time! We saw a few very cool cars... two of my favorite, the Dodge Charger! Mike also found a Challenger that he really liked!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Well it was nice for both Mike and I to have a 3 day weekend! Thursday night we drove up to Hyrum to visit with Mike's family (mom, dad, grandma Magnusson and Michelle and her family) and watched the Logan fireworks. Friday morning we all went to the Hyrum parade and it was so much fun to watch my nieces run after the candy! We had a very yummy bbq that afternon and just visited the rest of the day. Later Friday night we drove down to Salt Lake and lit fireworks at Mike's aunt Karen's house. It was such a long and hot BUT fun day! Saturday we helped move Grandma Magnusson into her new apartment and it is so cute! We are very happy for her! Then Saturday night Mike took me to my first drive in movie! It was a doubble feature and we had a blast! We had a great but very busy weekend... It is always fun to visit with family and celebrate our nations freedom!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi family and friends!
It is hard to keep up with everyone especially since it is the summer and so we decited to join the blogging world! We hope you enjoy!