Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went to Colorado for the weekend and it was great! Mike and I made a last minute decision to go and did not tell ANYONE that we were coming! Cameron had graduated from high school on Thursday and then Landon's birthday was Saturday and my cousin Brook flew out there to Surprise Landon!! So we decided that we could not miss out on the festivities! We left right after work on Friday and got in around 10:45, just in time to catch the end of Cameron's graduation party! It was held at a church house and was for all the graduates in our ward. We snuck in and my mom flipped out when she saw us! My brother Landon came running across the gym and was screaming! It was hilarious! My whole family was so excited! Saturday was Landon's 16 birthday and we through him a surprise party and again, we had a blast! He had no idea and we had a great turn out! We played games and Miked BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone! He LOVES to BBQ! Sunday was a little more relaxing. A good friend of mine, Christie Kofford, got home off her mission on Wednesday and she gave her homecoming talk in church! We were able to catch up for a minute and it was just so good to see her again! That night my grandma and grandpa Rogers and my cousins came over for dinner (left over BBQ)! Unfortunately our trip ended there and we left Monday afternoon. The sad part of the story. Saturday morning my dad noticed that my tires did not look so good. Well we had worn the back 2 tires all the way down to the steal belts! Yikes! The front ones were in a little bit better condition but still not the best. The tires were only a year and a half old so they SHOULD have been covered under warranty but since I never rotated the tires, they would not replace them!! RUDE! I was a little bitter but... I learned a lesson. So we immediately took my car into the shop to get 4 new tires! We were very lucky that the tires didn't explode and fall apart on us while we were on the road, so it is a blessing that we found out before anything happened. It made a little more sense why we were slipping all over the road on the way there too. It rained most of the way but it was not too bad. We had to go slow because we kept hydroplaning and slipping but no one else was! Well now we know why! Man oh man.... well so much for a cheap trip lol :)
We are home safe and sound and had a grand weekend! So...


Monday, May 4, 2009

It is time... get into shape! Mike and I have been wanting to "get back into shape" for some time now. Well after a harsh lesson on my part, we decided it was time and we were not going to waste one more day! So we have been working out for the past week! We have been running 1.2 miles (for starters) and then doing push-ups and sit-ups! It has been very painful yet good. I know it will take some time to notice any difference but you have to start somewhere right! We have been enjoying running outside and being in the sun a little bit... this is our way of bringing in the good weather! Besides wanting our clothes to fit better, we are excited to be in shape again and I am especially looking forward to having a bit more energy!
Along with the good weather, Mike and I went out the other day and flew kites for about and hour! I was at Wal Mart and they had them for $1 so naturally I bought Mike a Transforms kite and me a Lightning McQueen kite! We had a little trouble finding the wind at the park but it picked up eventually. Then we had to train Mikes kite because all it wanted to do was fly in circles and do nose dives into the ground! It was very funny! We can not wait for the weather to stay nice so that we can have picnics at the park and more kite flying days!