Sunday, July 26, 2009

We have a nephew!

So Michael and I have been hoping that my sister-in-law Michelle would have her baby by this weekend because we were going up to Logan to visit. Well we got lucky! On Wednesday night, July 22nd, our new little nephew was born! His name is James Jay Parker, 8lb 1oz and 20 1/2 inches long. He is beautiful! All went well and all is well for baby and mom! We are so stinking excited to have him here! Mike and I picked up grandma Magnusson and went up to Logan Thursday night right after work. Friday morning, mom and dad Brown, Mike and I, and grandma went to the hospital and got to see baby James and picked up the girls.
We took them to the Pioneer Days parade in Logan and had a lot of fun! We were blessed enough to have cloudy weather so it was not TOO hot :) We then took the girls to the park and played with them for some time. Later that afternoon, Michelle and James were released from the hospital so we took dinner over and we shot off fireworks! It was a great day and it was fun to celebrate Pioneer Days with family!
Saturday morning we went to the historic site Golden Spike National Park where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met! We watched a little movie on it, saw the reenactment, took a car tour, and took a hike. It was a HOT but fun filled day! We had a great weekend and are trying to get ready for another week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Man oh man...

...It has been way too long! So much has happened and my computer has taken a turn for the worst. So finally I am getting the chance to update! Here we go!

Magnusson Reunion - We had the chance to go up to Ogden canyon and spend some time with Mike’s mom’s side of the family at a nice time share! We spent tons of time together playing lots of games and eating tons! Thanks mom and dad Brown for a great time!

Crystal and me!

Good news! - Well my mom has been out here a lot helping my grandma Wagner because my grandpa has been in the hospital since February. It seems that anything and everything that could go wrong, did. Well about 6 weeks ago we though he was going down hill again and much to our surprise he made a miraculous recovery! He was able to come home on Monday and he is doing well! He is eating food for the fist time since February and we all could not be more excited from him! LOVE YOU PAPA!

Me, my mom, and Nanna at the hospital!

Jim Brickman - Mike and I had the chance to go see Jim Brickman in concert at an outdoor theater! He is a romantic pianist and he sings beautifully! Anyone who does not know his work needs to get to know it! Unfortunately our allergies were getting to us to we had many sniffles. Otherwise it was a very romantic night out under the stars, snuggles up in a blanket together, letting the music take effect on us!

Waiting for the concert to begin!

Rogers Camping Trip - We were lucky enough to go on the annual week long Rogers camping trip down in southern Colorado. It is just my immediate family but we have a blast! This year was a little more relaxed than most years. My mom and I took naps every day, I read a book, the boys were constantly playing horse shoes, we four wheeled a ton, the boys shot guns all day long, and naturally we are like campin’ kings and queens! It did rain every day but it was kind of nice because it kept the mosquitoes away! We saw some very beautiful scenery and spent a lot of time around the camp fire and enjoyed one another’s company! We also were able to spend a day with my dad’s side of the family because my cousin Nicholas came home off his mission so we went to his homecoming! It was good to see family that we had not seen in awhile! Welcome home Nick!

Mike got my little cousin to sleep. My heart melted!

Mike and his walking stick!

Getting ready to ride!

The boys gutting a squirrel!

I love the mountains!
My mom and I riding together!

The boys look like bandits!

LOGAN’S BEEN OUT 6 MONTHS!!!! LOVE YA ELDER ROGERS! He also had his first baptism this past week!

I think I covered just about most of it! So I am getting back in the grove of blogging so I hope to be back here soon! Hope you are all having a fantastic summer!

Mike and I up at military!