Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kayla's Story

For those of you who are interested, here is Kayla's birth story. I'll try to keep it as simple and to the point as possible!

I was going to be induced on Friday November 18th at 8am. Michael and I got up VERY early in order to get all done that we hoped to including a priesthood blessing for me, getting ready for the day, packing last minute items, and tidying up the house ONE last time! I received a phone call from the hospital at 7am and the nurse told me that they were so busy that they did not have enough room for me to come in so we may need to reschedule if some rooms did not lighten up.

I will be honest in saying that I was ticked and very sad that I may have to wait longer to see me little girl! I had waited what felt like forever for this day to come and now it was going to be delayed?! After calming myself and saying many little prayers I knew that it was all in the Lords hands and it was all going to happen when it needed to.

At 10am I received the good news that they were able to get  me in at noon! Thank heavens! First of many prayers that were answered over the next few days! We arrived nervous, excited, and ready to go just after noon and got all checked in and settled into our room. My mom and little sister Madi arrive just before one and got all settled in as well. Madi was going to be my scribe/record keeper/photographer which she did a great job! My mom of course was there to be whatever Mike and I needed her to be!

At one my doctor checked me (I was dilated to a 3 still) and broke my water then I was started on the pitocin! I was able to take the contractions for a few hours, felt that I had experienced the contractions enough, and received my epidural at 4! WOW!!! What a difference! I guess I was way lucky because the epidural worked perfectly!!!!!! I was also surprised at how little pain I felt while receiving the epidural! It was a family friend who administered it and he was for sure the hero of the day! Thank you Steve Harline!!! I was then checked again and was already dilated to 5cm! Things were going along great!

Now when I was feeling every contraction (being as close together as a minute apart and some lasting up to 2 minutes long), Mike put a movie in to help distract me which worked well. I was having a lot of back labor and was very thankful that I had my rice bag with me because that helped relieve a lot of the pain. I was also extremely blessed to have an AMAZING coach by my side the entire time. He was so good in letting me know when contractions were coming and when they were almost done. He rubbed my back and just knew all that I needed! Sometimes I was not sure how he knew what to do because I never told him what to do, he just did it! Well once I was feeling blissful and the epidural kicked in, I once again was able to talk to those around me and enjoy the rest of the journey.

We watched another movie over the next few hours, talked, laughed, my family all got dinner, and I enjoyed a few snacks such as popsicles, juice, jello, and a sucker. At seven the nurse checked me again and we were all hoping that I would at least be to 7cm, that was all we wanted. Much to our surprise I was fully dilated!!! WOOHOOO!! Baby girl was still kinda high so my nurse let me labor down for some time so she could work her way a little lower.

About 8:30 the nurse checked me again and we were ready to start pushing! We thought for sure our little girl would be with us by about 10 or 11. The epidural was still working great. I was numb enough to pretty much feel no pain but I was still able to move my feet and legs just enough that I was not dead to the world. It was kind of hard to feel when the contractions came so I relied a lot on everyone else to tell me when they were coming. I did eventually figure out from the pressure in back back when a contraction was coming which helped as well.

Well I pushed for quite awhile. The nurse and my mom and Mike kept telling me what a great job I was doing and they kept telling me that they could see her head and she had lots of dark hair! I was so excited but was having a hard time understanding while she was still not here. Finally one of the nurses brought in a mirror so I could see the progress in hopes that it would help the entire process. I was not sure on how I felt about it but it was awesome! I loved having that there! For those of you have not had it there during your delivery, I would recommend it, very cool experience! It was great to see what was happening! The down side of it was that I could see the progress and the regress. Her head was playing peakabou and we were not in the mood to play! Just before midnight the nurse began talking c-section because I had been pushing for so long. When the doctor came in to check me and make a decision, I must have showed her how determined I was to have her via vback because she said with an episiotomy

HERE IS THE KICKER! As she crowned, we saw more than just her head... her HAND was there too!The REASON she would not come out was because her right hand was up by her head! No wonder that little stinker would not come out! She made things much more difficult than it needed to be. That made me feel a little better knowing I was just not a wuss at pushing!

So all in all I was in the hospital 12 hours (12pm check-in, 12:25 had baby Kayla), in labor for about 10 hours and pushed for ALMOST 4 of those 10 hours! Pretty good for my first baby I think!

Kayla Marie Brown was born on Saturday morning at 12:25am at 8 lbs 10oz and 21 inches long. She has LOTS of dark hair and is the most beautiful baby!

When the nurses were doing all their fun little tests on her they found that her blood sugar levels were low. We gave her formula regularly for about 12 hours. At every feeding they checked her levels again and they were not getting better. The pediatrician called me at about 2pm Saturday afternoon and said that they would need to admit her to NICU so that they could give her an IV and get her blood sugar levels where they needed to be. Well being EXHAUSTED and a new mom I broke down. I was so sad but also thankful that she was going in for such a minor reason. She was released from NICU on Monday morning with her levels finally stable. There were a few concerns with hypertension for me so we stayed until Tuesday and finally took our baby girl home!!

The overall experience was just wonderful! The labor was grand without much pain involved, our stay at the hospital was incredible, the staff went above and beyond their call of duty, and quite frankly we can not wait to do it all again! How thankful I am to have this beautiful, healthy baby girl in my life. I have been blessed in many many ways but SHE has been a gift as well as a blessing! As usual, I would not have been able to endure what I have over the past 3 years as well as the incredible journey over the past 10 months without my sweet husband who has been my my side through the good and the nasty (really and truly), prayer and my Heavenly Father, and the support of family and friends!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Introducing Miss Kayla Marie Brown

I have A LOT of catching up to do so I suppose I'll get right to it!

Our little bundle of joy, little Kayla Marie, joined our family on
Saturday November 19th just after midnight at 12:25am.
She weighed 8lbs and 10oz with lots of dark hair!

The following are pictures of right after delivery!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another beginning starts..... TOMORROW!

Okay I should really be in bed right now but my mind is racing!

Yesterday we went in for our last doctors appointment. All went well. Too well. We were talking about the induction next week and my doctor told us that he will actually be in the OR on Monday and that there is a good possibility that he could not deliver our little one.

That was not my favorite thing to hear. I REALLY like my doctor.

He then said that we could do it Tuesday but he is not on call that day. He will be in the office but we still run the chance of not having him there for the delivery. Michael jokingly suggested that Saturday would work for us, the doctor came back with "good luck trying to find me" hahaha it was pretty funny. He then suggested that he would be on call Friday and we could do it then...

THAT WAS LESS THAN 48 HOURS AWAY!!! I am dilated to 3 already which is a great sign too!This ball had officially begun rolling, I was shocked!

We are so stinking and blasted excited! I am being induced for medical reasons. Those being mainly because of the blood thinners I am on can be a problem (too much bleeding) if the are not stopped in enough time before delivery. There is a chance that I could NOT get a epidural if I had taken my injection within a certain amount of time! I would rather not play around with those possibilities!

So the past 24 hours we have gotten done the last few minute things that we needed to. The bags are packed (they have been for weeks to be honest), the house is clean, her room is pretty much ready, Christmas is up, and we are as ready as we will ever be for our daughter to get here! Now all I have to do is sleep tonight, which will be easier said than done....
So that is where we are at. We check in at the hospital at 8:30 tomorrow morning and we will get started. I am hoping that since my body seems to be kicking into gear already that all will go smoothly.

Here is my last post as an expecting mother, the next one I will be a proud momma Brown! Michael is like a 6 year old before Christmas morning, it is so much fun! Wish us luck and we will post the good news and lots of picts soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another blog

So Michael decided about a month ago that he wanted to start a blog. As we got talking about what kind of blog he wanted, he was very interested in writing about being a father and his thoughts and feelings on the subject. It didn't take us long to get it up and going and for Michael to write his first post! The thing is I don't think I ever really told anyone about it! The blog address is He is way excited about the blog and would love for all to check it out and comment lots and follow it!
He is such a sweet man and I love that this is one way that he shares emotions. It's amazing the therapy that blogs can be for us all!!
So check out the blog and let us know what you think!

Friday, November 4, 2011


There is lots to say today so I will get right too it!

I never got a chance to talk about my baby shower 2 weeks ago! My very sweet friend Stefani gave me a wonderful, yummy, and fun shower. We had a great turn out with some very fun and original games. It was a pumpkin theme so the food was naturally amazing (some very good recipes that I will need to get soon)! Naturally, everyone blessed us with beautiful, piratical, and fun baby gifts so thank you to all those who have helped us get ready for baby girl!

Halloween was last weekend and I just had to do something fun and different for costumes. I did lots of research online of lots of prego costumes and we decided on me as an oven with a bun cooking, and Mike was the bun maker. We had so much fun making our costumes! We went to the Halloween party at my parents ward and we had a blast (our costumes were a hit!). Then on Halloween we went to my parents and carved our pumpkins, had a very yummy spooky dinner, and handed out lots of candy to many darling children (oh and we dressed up again, we got lots of comments on the costumes again)!

We had another doctors appointment this Wednesday and went in with lots of questions as usual. Oh and I am 37 weeks as of tomorrow!
We told him of some of the little concerns that we have, one of which is the ridiculous amount of swelling that has occurred over the past 2 weeks (I gained 15 pounds in 16 days!!!!!!!!!!) not only in my feet and legs but my fingers look like sausages and my face keeps gaining chins lol! I also told him of the slight pain that I feel under my right ribs (I had attributed to her pushing my innards all up in my ribs) and my slightly raised blood pressure. Well after discussing all of this issues he agreed that he was not totally happy with it all and was worried about toxemia. Good news was my blood pressure was not alarming enough that there was no cause to induce me right that moment. Now the pain I have been having he became a little concerned with my liver. So he took some action.
We first set a date for me to be  induced which will be Monday the 21st, first thing in the morning! So no matter what, she will be here for Thanksgiving!!!!
Then he ordered some labs and told us that if the results were not where he wanted them to be, then he was going to induce me FRIDAY! We were excited yet shocked at the same time. He told us that we would be called on Friday and told what the plan would be. If all came back well, he wanted me to come in on Monday so he can keep a close eye on me. If he didn't like the results, we would be brought in right away to have this baby. That night we frantically did some last minute packing, cleaning, organizing, planning, and shopping. My dad also came over and was able to assist Michael in giving me a blessing which I was so thankful for.
Well all labs came back okay so we are safe until Monday. I am SOOOOO excited for her to be here but at the same time I am so thankful for the extra time to continue doing the things that I want to get done before she gets here! My doctor now seems to think that I will not make it to the 21st (afraid that the toxemia will set in).

We completely trust our doctor and know that he knows us well as well as our concerns and is going to do what is best for the baby and I. We are thankful for such an amazing doctor who cares so much!

2 of my mom's sisters and my cousin came in town this weekend for a fun girls trip since it is time for the annual hunt! We have a fun filled weekend planned and are already having a great time (yes I am blogging while everyone is playing hand and foot but I HAD to put my feet us for a few minutes since I was unable to feel them and they look like they will explode at any moment). Pictures will come soon!

Some good news? Because of the hunt, I am pretty much done with work! I was going to try and go back on the 14th part time but when I told my doctor that, he was not too thrilled. It looks like my working days are done for now and I can focus on our little girl getting here!!

Soooooo much is going on, there is so much excitement, and I love it all! We never thought that this month would come but it is really here and our dreams will be coming true very soon!!

(It is late for me so I hope that this post makes sense since I am very tired lol!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


About 2 weeks ago Michael took a few maternity picts of me! Luckly we were able to get some of the fall colors in! Enjoy!

My mom have us 2 bears when we got married and they sit on our bed. We will be keeping the tradition so this is the sweet bear will be the new addition to the bed!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A little scare

Our little girl thought that it would be funny to play hide and seek this weekend.... we did not enjoy the game so much! She won lol.

Here is the story...

So Michael's mom came out for a quick visit this weekend, mostly to be here for my shower! One of my very sweet friends gave me a baby shower on Saturday (I will post about that later) therefore we had a very busy weekend!

Starting Friday evening I was not feeling a lot of movement but I thought I was moving all day long and I just wore her out! Saturday she moved very little but I was able to get her to move at the end of the day, once again another very busy day and she could have been just sleepy! Sunday was even worse because she moved just a tad in the afternoon. I had enough at the point and thought I would give her a chance to move over the evening and during the night then I would call the doctor in the morning. Well I tried everything to get her to move and she was not biting!

About 7:00 I started having a few very mild contractions and I ended up having them till about 5am this morning. I. Got. No. Sleep. Poor Mike was up pretty much all night with me and he had to work today (I was lucky and had the day off). About 4:30 Mike got me out of bed and gave me a priesthood blessing. What a comfort that was. I was praying at the point just to know what to do. Do I go to the hospital to be looked at? Do I wait till morning and just call my doctor? Or I am totally over reacting to it all? I calmed down enough to be able to sleep and we both slept for just a few hours.

About 7:15 I woke up with the thought that I needed to call the hospital and talk to the nurse right away and panic kicked in. Now looking back, I feel a little silly worrying like I did but I was very tired and very worried at this point. I called the hospital and they told me to come in so they could monitor baby and make sure all was okay.

To try and keep the story short. All is well. They monitored her for about an hour and she FINALLY did all the right things. Our nurse was wonderful and explained a lot to us about what to expect and watch for from baby girl over the next couple of weeks. Not only the good things but the bad things that we should come back in for. I was thankful that we had such a wonderful nurse. The thing that made me laugh was once I was on all the monitors and we knew baby girl was okay, the nurse told me "now that all is well with baby, I am going to lecture you. DON'T YOU EVER GO THAT LONG WITHOUT FEELING HER MOVE AGAIN!" She didn't have to tell me twice!

I was trying to not over react but I know that I would rather be safe than sorry! So thankful I went in!

We are down to just under 5 weeks! After this morning I have been making more lists of what needs to be done in the next few weeks. Our nurse today told me that because of my swelling and all the stuff that comes with it, she does not think that I will go full term and I will have this baby a little early! We will see if she is right! My BP has been a little higher than my normal but still not enough to be worried. We just need to watch it. Just all these little things that are happening that tells us she is coming!

My mom came over today and helped me go through and take inventory of the baby stuff we have. WE HAD A BLAST! Slowly but surly we are getting there!

What makes the difference?

Well, to be honest, lots of things. But today I was thinking of one thing in particular. His name is Michael.

I just wanted to publicly tell him how much I appreciate all that he does.

As our baby girls due date gets closer, I have noticed the uncomforts that come with time. Does it make life more tiring and my body a little sore? Sure! But that only means that she is ALMOST HERE! I am reminded daily of how lucky I am to be pregnant. With these uncomforts comes some blessings because I have a husband who loves me.

Here are some of the little things that he does almost DAILY. Make dinner, do the dishes, clean the house, rub my feet, massage my back, tell me he loves me, gets me what I need when I am comfy in a chair, rub lotion on my itchy belly, gives me my daily shot, and tells me how beautiful I am.

Wow. I am a very. Lucky. Woman.

I try not to take the little things for granted and this is one I hope I don't.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Time!

My best friend and amazing husband have the privilege of having our birthdays 3 days apart! Michael's is the 28th of September and mine is the 1st of October so it always makes for one great birthday week! We had pretty low key birthdays this year but that is okay!

On Michael's birthday I had made his his favorite dinner (lasagna, salad, and french bread), then gave him one of his favorite desserts, banana cream pie and eggnog! We relaxed all night, just the two of us with nothing to do.... it was grand!

For my birthday we went out to breakfast to Golden Coral which was AMAZING! It held us over until dinner actually! We were able to watch General Conference all day and just relax and enjoy the many MANY wonderful talks! Michael then surprised me and told me I was going to get an hour long pregnancy message which was amazing! I am a very lucky girl!

My family was out of town last weekend so last night we went to dinner with my family to Cheddars (which we had never been to before) and once again.... AmAzInG!!! We are lucky to have family close by to celebrate with. We are also lucky that Mike's parents are not TOO far away. My mother-in-law- is coming in two weeks to visit and we are VERY excited to spend the weekend with her!

I think we are most excited about our combined birthday and Christmas gift that will be arriving in the next 7 weeks or so (maybe sooner?!)... our baby girl! We can not believe that the time is really coming for her arrival! We have been taking a birthing class at the hospital that has been very helpful! I think we enjoy it much more than the other couples do. Some of the other women (I say women and not girls because I think they are all 10+ years older than me) look like they want to cry and throw up during each class! It kind of makes me laugh. We are almost there! Still lots to do but we are slowly making head way!

Until the next exciting event!

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's fall yall!

I have to start with our newest good news. Michael got a full time job! I am telling you, it is either feast or famine. Two weeks ago he actually had 2 job offers in a 24 hour period and we went with the one that was closest to home (since the pay and duties of both were comparable). Now he is the newest employee of Pikes Peak Cargo Secure which is a company that makes sells cargo and shipping supplies for the military. It is a small company but he enjoys the people he works with and his responsibilities. He is considered the office manager and he will be just about anything else that they need him to be. It is just nice to have him working every day at a secure job... I think he forgot what that felt like! It is definitely a blessing that we are thankful for. I am just happy that he is enjoying his job and is happy with what he is doing.

Other than that... we are plugging along.

27 weeks

I am OFFICIALLY in my 3rd trimester and have just under 11 weeks to go! I can not believe that we are this close! I know I have been blogging a lot about my pregnancy but this is a great way to keep a journal and there are a few things that I would like to share!

Okay I am going to get down and personal. I can not believe how I have popped!!! My tummy is HUGE and I just LoVe it! I have officially gained 35 pounds and the doctor said I will probably gain another POUND a WEEK! WOW! Oh well... I feel good and I don't THINK I look ridiculously huge. I am still working on eating somewhat well (those cravings are STRONG though lol) and I am really working on getting a little bit of exercise. I guess my body is doing what it needs to do!

Overall I love being pregnant! There are a few side effects that can be a little ruthless (heartburn/indigestion, VERY swollen and sore feet, getting poor sleep, and exhaustion) but there is a ton that I love (feeling her move CONSTANTLY, the prego belly, and food cravings). Oh and I felt her hiccups for the first time yesterday! SO COOL! Yep... overall I have been a lucky pregnant woman!

29 weeks

Since we are getting close to my due date (FINALLY) I think I have started feeling the rush to get lots done! I have been making lists for months for what all needs to get done before she is born and I think I am doing fairly well with it! I have made half of my Christmas cards, completed about 30 handmade thank you cards for the future, began making some of my Christmas gifts, made my mailing list for my Christmas cards, making some fun crafts for baby girl, written out my hospital packing list that I will begin packing for the first of November, and in the meantime TRYING to keep up with the hours and hours of sleep that my body needs!

I am beginning to feel the pressure of all that needs to happen before she gets here and some days I don't get anything done because I become overwhelmed. I am REALLY working on keeping my stress down these days as well so I don't get too out of control (actually, Michael  does a pretty good job of that)! Luckily I still have some time on my hands and as long I keep working a little each day I know I will get it all done!

In the meantime fall is just about here, football has begun, and we are loving this time of the year! There are lots of things to look forward too over the next month (birthing classes, I and Michael's birthday, family visiting, and scouts) and we will for sure keep busy! 

Until next time... HAPPY FALL YALL!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A post to remember!

Just a few things I wanted to share (more or less for my records) about what is changing while being pregnant!
- Feeling her move is the most AMAZING thing I have ever experienced! She is very very active and I am feeling her every day! It is good for my mind and I know she is okay because I feel her so often. We are not quite to the point where we can see my stomach move or where others can ALWAYS feel her but once in awhile she will kick hard enough to move my hand!

- No one told be about heart burn and acid reflux! I have had indigestion for a few months now and have learned how to deal with it. The pits is I get it with almost ANYTHING that I eat! The reflux has just started and I do NOT like that part. I am still trying to figure out how to fix that one. I know the old saying, that she will have lots of hair because I have heart burn and all I can say is BRING IT ON (I got lots of fun things for her hair already!)

- The water retention in my feet and ankles is too funny! I am not swollen all the time (thank goodness) but when I am it makes for great entertainment! I do need to put my feet up as much as possible to help them not be so sore. Luckily I don't have too much back pain yet, mostly just at the end of the day!

- Sleeping. Well I didn't expect to have troubles this early! Between getting up multiple times in the night (yes... multiple times already!) and not getting comfortable, some nights I sleep well and others feel like I am wasting my time with sleeping because I feel worse the next morning! I am checking with my doctor but I feel like I need 10 hrs of sleep a night and it still is not enough! Maybe she is going through a growth spurt and I really just need the sleep! I have crazy odd, creepy, off the wall dreams, and often get leg cramps that wake me up with me screaming!

- Oh the water works. I am a pretty emotional person before I was pregnant and it seems like with each passing day I am crying more and more. It has been pretty funny because Mike will just start laughing and I get laughing and then I bawl like a baby! This has also given us quite a bit of entertainment! Not that we need a reason to cuddle but all the water works has given Mike and I good cuddle time because all he can do is laugh and hold me when I get slightly out of control! This is a part of being pregnant that I do not mind so much!

- Cravings. Well I don't really crave one thing and one thing only. Okay maybe a piece of cake from Albertsons makes its way back into our home at least ONCE a week. Sweets are a fave of mine as of late weather it be a piece of cake, cookies, cupcakes, or muffins. It is all Divine! 
I mostly will crave something and then it is about all I can think about until I can fulfill my craving!
Mexican is another favorite (enchiladas with red sauce and chips with salsa).
Next would be salads (odd right?!?!) especially Olive Garden's salad, any Caesar salad, any LOADED salad, or the cluck salad from Red Robin!
Last is anything spicy like Red Robins buffalo style clucks and then their frys are AMAZING!
I have craved some things that are out of my nature like PB'J sandwiches and a JR bacon cheese burger from Wendy's!
I am truly grateful that I have my appetite back and that so much of what I eat hits the spot! I LOVE this part of pregnancy!

We had another ultrasound last week and it was once again magical! SHE IS ALREADY SO BEAUTIFUL! Anything they were watching or were slightly concerned about is no longer an issue and all is well! We are so thankful for that! We were able to see her yawn and that was way cool. She weighed 1lb 11oz and is in the 56 percentile! She looked long to me but they said that they can not measure her length because she is now too big!!

Here are some of the 3D picts we were lucky enough to get!! We think she is beautiful already!!

I have been working on her room lots and finally got it organized! Well not completely but good enough for now until we get the rest of all her stuff! I'll take picts soon! We also put together her stroller and read all about her car seat. Mike can not wait to put it in the car and I am right there with him!
Life is... well throwing us MANY curves that keeping hitting us pretty hard. Though we are not quite sure what the next few months have in store for us, there are a few things we do know. We are more in love with each other than we could have ever imagined. Together, as a couple, we are flying high and are in the best place that we have ever been in. Michael is my best friend. There is no one I would rather be with then him! We have so much fun together! The best part of my day is opening the door and having Mike jumping up to give me a hug and a kiss. What a lucky girl I am! I don't mean to get all mushy, I just wanted to express my appreciation for my marriage.

Since this post has been more on the boring side, I promise to make the next one more exciting! 
Enjoy the end of summer because fall is knocking at all of our doors!! WOOHOO!!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby showers are the best!

I am a lucky girl and was given my first baby shower! I know it was a little early but my good friend Lisa was in town and wanted to be here for it so she asked to be the hostess and she did a great job! We had so much fun and the food was AMAZING (because you know it is all about the food these days)! There was lots of food, fun games, gifts, and tons of chatting. It is always so nice to be sourounded by the family and friends that you love so much.
I was unable to adiquately express my appreciation to all those who came and for all that they gave to me. Our baby girl is already so bless and loved. I honestly got a little chocked up at one point as I was opening my gifts because ALL the gifts were filled with so much love and thought. Every individual gift was appreciated and I wanted to tell them each how much it meant to me and Mike. I will never be able to tell anyone quite how I feel but it was nice to have one  those moments where I realized that she is truly on her way and we could not be more thankful!
THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA for all your hard work. The decor was DARLING, the food was SCRUMPTIOS, and it was jsut an all around great shower! I was lucky to have lots of neighbors, close friends, family, and besides Lisa, a friend come from out of state who I had not seen in years! Those who were unable to attend or who were too far away were missed, I hate partying without ALL my friends and family with me! Though I must say that I can often feel their love! I once again am a lucky girl to have lots of loved ones so there will be another shower coming up in a few months! We certinly do not have all that we need quite yet but we have a great start! I am not sure how people get all that they need without showers! They are such a blessing!
So here are a few picts... I was 23 weeks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What is happening!?

So I have been totally amazed with a new discovery on my tummy.

Mike was feeling our little one move last night and realized that my belly button is not as deep as it use to be! I am afraid that I may be getting an outie - I am almost FLAT!! I NEVER thought that that would happen to me! It feels so smooth, and... well odd! We have been laughing about it all day!

It is amazing how our bodies change as pregnant women. At least it makes for some entertainment!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes I am sure you have guessed, WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! There are no words to describe how we feel. Let me tell you a little about our ultrasound appointment!

Her head and profile

The top pict is her foor and the bottom is another of her profile!
Seeing my little sweetheart for the first time on an ultrasound was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. It truly brought having a baby to life. Michael was so darling and held my hand the entire time and he had a grin that reached from ear to ear! I couldn't believe that it was an entire 45 minutes we got to see her! So far, she is good and healthy. She moved around so much during her appointment that we have to go back in August for another ultrasound to get a better look at her... DARN! We didn't find out until the VERY END of the appointment that she is a girl but it was well worth the wait. Here are a few more fun things we found out about our sweet pea.

* She is a wiggler already - it was so fun to watch her move around and see all her developing body parts!
* She has big feet - well, what else did you expect!
* She only measured 2 days ahead of schedule so she is right on track!
* We forgot to ask what her length was but she was 11 oz... just kind of cool.

Right after our appointment! 19 weeks

After our appointment, we skyped mom and dad Brown and told them by holding up a pink piece of card stock. Now Michaels mom was darling and said "Oh no, I am not good at these kinds of things... it's a pink paper ITS A GIRL!" You could just see the wheels turning in her head and then hear the excitement in her voice as soon as she got it. She was so excited! It was one of the best reactions of the day!
We had planned to go to Carters after our appointment and celebrate by getting a few outfits! So we promptly got over there and got 4 DARLING little outfits. My family still did not know the gender of the baby so we went over to my parents place, made everyone leave the room, and when they returned we had the outfits out on us! They loved it and are just as excited!!
After we told my family!
I am now feeling her move every day and I LOVE it! Michael felt her move for the first time this past Monday night and that was pretty special. I can't wait until we can constantly feel her with our hands and other can feel her too! Man, it is so cool to be saying HER or SHE by the way... :)
I am doing really well, loving this part of the pregnancy. I am pretty tired but part of this is my fault... I'm pushing it with the late nights. I am EXTREMELY thirsty these days and am using the restroom like a racehorse! Food is AMAZING and I look forward to EVERY meal. My emotions on a good day when I am NOT pregnant run wild so these days, I seem to cray multiple times a day. Some days I don't feel like me, it's kinda funny! So besides the minor achy back, restless nigh sleeps, and tired feet and legs, I'm doing awesome! Like I said before, I just can't wait to feel her more though I don't think that will take long!

Michael... I may get a little emotional during this part of the post so I guess I'll make it short and sweet. He has treated me like his queen since day one and has not stopped. I don't know if this is possible but I have felt more special than ever since we found out I was pregnant. We are just loving life together. I feel like some days we are dating again, there is just a little extra spark and I am so thankful for that. I had no idea that our love would grow like this... I truly fall more in love with him each day. I can not imagine life without Michael and am grateful that I get to go through these adventures with him by my side.
I have had lots of people ask so I thought I would share our two favorite names. We have had them picked for awhile! We like Olivia and Kayla. We probably wont choose one until she is born and we get see her. How will that change our minds? I am not sure but I\we just feel like we need to meet her in person first.
As always, thank you for EVERYONES love and support. We have a lot to be thankful for these days. We are so excited for the adventures that are ahead of us and some days we REALLY wish it was November... we are a little too excited I think! I know I am not the best but I am really trying to blog more! I'll slowly get better again and into a habit. So until next time... LOTS OF LOVE!!!
 20 weeks!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boy or Girl?!

I totally forgot to ask and we are curious to know what others may think; is Baby B a boy or a girl?! The big appointment is Wednesday afternoon and we will have ants in our pants until then! There are NO WORD to describe how excited we are, it is truly ALL we have been talking about for the last week! I have set up a pole just to the side of this post so please share with us what you think! I will for sure let you all know Wednesday night!

Home Sweet Home

Okay! Here are the pictures of our place! There is still quite a bit of decorating that I am anxious to do but that will come with time! We LOVE our new home!!!! 

Living room (looking from front door)
Living room from hallway
 Dining room from living room (loving our FIRST table!)
Dining room and kitchen from living room
 Hallway from from door

 Guest bathroom
Laundry closet in hall
Craft room (and what will eventually be the baby room shared with my crafts)!
Closet in baby room
Our bedroom
Our bathroom
Our closet (both bedrooms have good size walk in closets)
Take a virtual tour with me if you would like! :)