Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was wonderful! The best was spending time as a family! We did lots of cooking, shopping, family games, and watched lots of movies! It has been a relaxing vacation and I am so thankful for this time of the year. The only disappointment was the weather. Not a snowflake in sight! I can not believer the lack of snow we have had this year! I hope that it comes soon! Okay so here are a few picts from Christmas Eve!

 For breakfast we went to the Egg and I with my aunt and uncle and their family!
Then the Taylors came for dinner and  we played lots of games!
Us all playing BINGO and there were GREAT prizes when you won... GIFT CARDS!
So many of you probably know about Michaels stocking... well here it is and IT WAS DONE BY CHRISTMAS MORNING! I will admit that I was up putting the last finishing touches on until 5:30am on the 25th but none the less it was done by the time Michael got up! I loved doing it, I think it turned out great, and I can not wait to start another!

I was not able to send out as many Christmas cards as I wanted so here it is for those of you who were not able to receive one!
Basketball season has begun and it’s extra special this year because Michael is the varsity assistant coach for my alma matter Pine Creek! Landon is on varsity so it naturally has become a family affair! I have to say that I am their LOUDEST fan!
Rogers family has 7 in the house once again! We moved to Colorado Springs back in the summer and have been living with my parents until we can get on our feet!
Once and for all, Michael is done with school! He graduated from Utah Valley University back in May with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation – Professional Pilot! We are so happy he is done and hope that a job comes along soon!
Working with my dad has been a blessing. I’m his right hand girl and love being with him!
Nursery is where Michael is meant to be! He is a nursery leader in our ward and he just loves it! The little ones have really taken to him and it is really fun to see him interact with them all! One little boy tell his mom that he likes the “big strong guy” in his class!
Sewing has become a new love and hobby of mine. I am currently attempting to start up my own business and hope to get it off and running soon! Michael and I have also begun a little photography business taking family photos. He is the photographer and I am the stager, we have a lot of fun working together and hope to do lots more in the future!

We hope that your holiday season is full of laughter and cheer. We love and miss you all!
Michael and Megan Brown
Here are the family picts we took for my mom's Christmas card (plus our 2 handsome missionaries)! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being Greatful

Life is interesting. Through our recent trials I have been looking for new ways to "distract" myself or fix some of the craziness in my life. Therefore I have been trying VERY hard to look for all the "unordinary" blessings in my life. Here are some of the good things that have been going on.

Michael is an assistant coach for the boys varsity basketball team at Pine Creek (my old high school!) and he is LOVING every moment of it.  He still has yet to find a job but in the mean time he has been keeping very busy with all them high school boys! Not only is he coaching at the best high school but he is coaching Landon (my brother) who is a senior this year! The head coach is actually my high school coach's husband and he was helping the girls team when I was there! He is a wonderful man and an uplifting and hardworking coach and we appreciate his time and willingness to let Mike help! I think Michael has brought a lot to the program as well. He has put a lot of time into the boys, helping each out individually and being their advocates in showing them their potential! I have had a couple of parents come up to me and tell me what a calming yet encouraging presence he has on the court! I am so glad that the boys have taken to him so well!]

We have entered the photography world! Actually we started a few years ago doing a friends wedding (thanks Em and Rob!) and engagements of Mike's 2 best friends! But lately we have started doing more and more family pictures for friends and neighbors! Michael gets better with every shoot and I am constantly coming up with fun, new poses and prop ideas! We are still VERY new at this but we have had a lot of fun "working" together again. I think that I am going to name the business M&M Photography! Do you like it? Any who we make a pretty good team if I say so myself! We are hoping to get a few new photography gadgets such as a flash, photoshop, and some little props; as well as expand our photo shoots in doing more than just family photo's!  

Basketball games. Need I say more? Nothing gets my blood pumping and my heart racing like a good basketball game! My brother Landon's games are so exhilarating! I don't think that many people know this but I AM A CRAZY FAN! You can ask my husband (who try's to ignores me while he is on the bench concentrating) and my family who sometimes has literally held me back! I try to be an encouraging voice most of the time to our boys and coaches thought I know that once in awhile I get a little flustered with a few gentlemen on the court who have quite a bit of control on the game! One thing I do not tolerate and it gets my blood boiling is when the other teams players begin playing dirty! .......... but luckily that does not happen very often. I mostly love the rush of being by the court and hearing all the sounds of a good basketball game!

My brother comes home off his mission in 27 days! I am going out of my mind! Logan and I were very close in high school and we have grown apart somewhat since I left for college but I am so excited to be here at home when he gets back! It seems that that is all we can talk about lately at our house! He has been an incredible missionary and I just can't wait to have one of my best friends home!!!!

A simple hello in the hall at church, hug from a friend, text from someone far away, and a telephone call just to say I care has been the things that have meant the most to me the past few months. Hoe often do I forget these simple yet powerful mannerisms? I am trying to do more of these in my life as I have seen the difference It makes to me!

Making new friends is something that I cherish. Being in a "new" area has open a new doors for new friendships. I am amazed at all the amazing faithful, sweet, gentle, caring women who are out there! Old friends can never be replaced yet new ones are so fun! I love getting to know girls, hearing their stories, and serving them! I am thankful for those new doors that have been opened to me!

How blessed I am to know so many wonderful girls who are bring little lives into this world! I can not believe how many of the ones that I love are pregnant! I love hearing stories of their pregnancy's, the births, and the journey of being a mom! I had a friend who was here a few weeks ago and she is about 36 weeks along and she let me feel the baby move and kick for MANY hours (I even put my head on her belly for a short time... I know I am kind of odd)! What a simple joy that was for me! I was so excited and was asking all sorts of annoying questions! I see the change in each of my friends when they are pregnant, the glow that they have is something that I can not wait to share! They are so in tune with the Lord and are just beautiful! I know many of them at times feel like they look like a balloon at times but I believe that there is noting more beautiful than a woman who has a pregnant belly which is holding a new little baby! It truly brings a smile to my face!

Okay, I think I am done for the night though I keep coming up with more and more things that have made me smile lately! I know I am by far a great writer but I hope everything made sense! Thank you to all those who have had us in their prayers, they are felt and appreciated. Hopefully new pictures will come soon when we get our computer back!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a post

So I have wanted to post about our Halloween and our fun costumes but Mike's stinking rude lap top hard drive is going out on us and we have only had it for 14 months! I am TICKED! Not to mention the warranty JUST expired.... grrrrrr. And to boot we tried to back everything up and it won't let us so now we have to PAY Best Buy to transfer everything otherwise I will loose ALL our picts over the past year! Computers.... it's a love hate relationship, right now it is more hate though lol. So... Halloween was wonderful and we enjoyed the scary movies (though Michael brought me to tears one night he scared me so bad!). Once I can get a hold of our pictures I will be sure to post our costumes!

I hope all our friends and family who are far away from us are doing well. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful examples in our lives and we are thankful for you all! Remember to keep those you love close to your heart and let them know of your love for them! Lots of Love!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Time!

So the last 8 weeks have finally slowed down.... just a hair though lol. Mike and I celebrated our birthdays- Mike on September 28th and I on October 1st. It was a very simple birthday for both of us this year but we were just happy to be together! I was able to surprise Michael and have one of his best friends come out and visit for a weekend. It was a very hectic and crazy weekend but it was good to see them and visit for a bit! Thanks for coming out Seth and Cindy!

Mike's mom and dad had the opportunity to come visit us back in the middle of October! We had so much fun and was so glad that we were able to host them! We did all the fun touristy things that you do when you go on vacation and of coerce, we relaxed and visited quite a bit!
So to start off, we drove to the top of Pikes Peak and it was so beautiful! I had not been up on top is years! I will have to admit that the ride up got me just a hsir, but the ride back down was not bad at all! After that wonderful trip, we went and visited the little town of Manitou Springs. It is a nice, quaint little town that is nussled up against the bast of Pikes Peak. We just walked around for an hour or two and found our Halloween costumes! We were so excited! !The next day we went and had a private tour of the Gleen Eyrie Castle. It was the home to the founder of Colorado Springs and the castle and land is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

We last visited the wonderful red rocks in Colorado Springs... Garden of the Gods! It's amazing how all the rocks got that way, but I wont bore you with the hundreds of pictures we took . We had a great time! In closing, there was lots more we wanted to do but not enough time, life is funny that way! We were lucky that the weather was just perfect the weekend they came out so we were able to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Thanks again mom and dad Brown for visiting!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pay It Forward

So this post will be a little different than usual. I am not sure how many of you have heard of the Sullengers Story and have read their blog, it is truly inspiring. I personally do not know them but a friend of mine had a post about them back in July and I have been following their story ever sense. Their little baby girl died this summer in a drowning accident and they are putting together a service project in honor of their little one and for her birthday. I am anxious to help in any way that I can and wanted to pass on this incredible opportunity. It is called pay it forward and to read about what they are doing, just click here. I am not quite sure what draws me to them and to their experience but I think about them often and ponder on the topic of I Can Do Hard Things. I just wanted to share this incredible story and hope that some of you will be just as inspired as I have been.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The close of summer....

I am not like most people. I love the different seasons and love ALL the elements! It is sad to see that summer come to the end but I am very excited for fall! To sum up the last few months, It has been busy and wonderful!

One of our best friends, Seth and Cindy, got married in August and we are so happy for them! They are a stunning couple and the wedding day festivities were grand though I had to miss some of them, I was glad that I was able to make it to all the important stuff)! It is so good to see those you love get sealed together for all time and eternity in the house of the Lord. Thanks for letting us be apart of your special day Seth and Cindy!

The happy couple at the wedding luncheon
Mike and I at the reception
The newlyweds leaving the party

About a 6 weeks ago my dad had bought a few Bronco's tickets for their first home game of the season. Well unfortunately my mom and dad could not go so someone had to take the kids to the game. So surly Mike and I were not going to pass this opportunity by, we took the kids to the game. It was such a blast! Madi and I got all dolled up, we packed lunch so we could tail gate and we took off! Tailgating was great... we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs, had pasta and all the goodies that go with that! We tossed the football around and jammed out to some good music! The seats we had were amazing! We were right at the enzone about 6 rows up! Though I think that Madi and Mike both thought that the best part of the hole night was getting pictures with the cheerleaders hahaha! Our broncos did end up loosing the game but none the less we had a great time! Thank you so much again mom and dad for letting us go!
Tailgating:At the game:This little girl that sat in front of us was so darling the whole game! She just loved it!The gang after the game!
My mom and I had our annual open house for Stampin Up! and it was AWESOME! We had a blast and had a great turn out! Our theme was a sweet shop and we had made a hole "shop" made out of sweets! In fact, it went so well that we are doing it again this next week! It doesn't cost a thing and we will have food, make-n-takes, classes to sign up for, clubs to join, free product, and stamps for sale! For those of you who are interested, it will be Thursday the 30th 6-9pm and Friday the 1st 1-4pm. I will be posting pictures later of all the goodies!

Another couple that are friends of ours had their baby boy about a month ago! We are so happy for McKell and Jason on their new bundle of joy! His name is Austyn and he is just doing great and is getting big too quickly!
Here is baby and daddy

So I know there are a few of you who know that I am trying to start up my own craft business but I am struggling with the name of it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Meg's Making is the lame sauce name I keep coming back to but I want something a little catchier... like here are some ideas or words I like: precious pieces, sweet-n-simple, cherished(pieces,treasures), simplejoys, precious treasures, love them, love of gifts, etc. Ya... as you can see I am not quite sure what I am doing. What I do want in my name is some sort of explanation of why I am doing what I am doing. I love to make things. I do it mostly to fill in that little void that will be filled in one day with a little one from up above. I feel that when I craft, I feel like I can help someone out and give them a little piece of happiness. It is my out, my service, my way of sharing a gift (at least I hope it is a gift lol) that I have been given from my Heavenly Father. I love to find joy in other peoples happiness and I feel as if I am apart of their life's simple pleasures. I am not sure if that helps anyone but if you have any suggestions I WOULD LOVE SOME HELP!

In the meantime, Michael and I are hanging in there. We are counting the many blessings we do have. We have hit a speed bump in the road (though sometimes it feels like it is a mountain) yet we are pulling together and coming closer to our Father in Heaven through this hard time. There are many little blessings that we receieve each day and that it what gets us through! We are so excited for this next weekend because it is General Conference and we get to listen to the apostles of the Lord! How thankful we are for this Gospel and for the testimonies that we have!

Until next time, with lots of love!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

SuMmEr FuN!

Man has it been a very busy yet fun July! Here is a time line of what has been going on!
July 1st : Michael passed his test and is an official commercial pilot! He came out to Colorado that same day! It is sooooo good to be together once again!
July 2nd-3rd : My dad, Michael and I went four wheeling down at my grandparents, we had a nice and relaxing time!July 12th-17th : Daughters of Virtue Camp (or girls camp). This camp is a grils camp that our church puts on for all girls 12 to 18 years old and it is amazing. I was called to be a stake cook which meant there were about 6 of us who cooked approximately 7 meals for around 300 people. It was crazy and a lot of work, but VERY worth it! I was so thankful for the opportunity to go and serve all those girls!
July 20th-24rd : Stampin Up! convention was AWESOME! I am so glad that I get to work for such a great company who has so much to offer! My mom and I went to Salt Lake and spent 4 days learning new techniques, making make-n-takes, swapping cards, setting goals, eating, receiving free supplies, and SOOOOOO much more! Not to mention the new products this year are awesome!
July 25th-30th : Family camping trip. This year was great! We were able to have my Aunt Trudi and Uncle Alan come along with my Aunt Tina and her son Giavanno. It was good to be in the beautiful outdoors away from the world. We went four wheeling, played lots of games, ate lots of good food, slept, and ate some more! This years trip did seem a wee bit shorter compared to past years but still good.

Hope you all had a fantastic summer and just for those of you who are curious... only

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Accomplishments

Michael is scheduled to take his test! WOOHOOO! I had to share this because we know that the end is near!!!! I am so excited to be with him again and not just for a day or two! He has worked so hard and if all goes according to plan, he should be back with me by the end of the week! I was able to go visit him last week and it was awesome. Though I think I should not say it like that anymore because people have come up with some odd ideas of WHY I was visiting him! I was able to visit some old friends, window shop, play lots of game, and just relax! I went to the Princess festival with my sister-in-law- and my 2 nieces, they had a bast!
Brooke, my cousin, was able to fly back to Colorado with me so she could spend a week out here with all the kids! It was nice to have a buddy to fly with! This week has been pretty good and productive. My mom and I have worked a lot on the study and SLOWLY it is all coming together. My cousin Ashley celebrated her 16th birthday and we were invited to her surprise party! I was assigned to make a backdrop to take pictures at and it turned out pretty stinking cute!!!! She was very surprised and the night was a lot of fun.
Oh yes.... and here is a picture right after I chopped off my hair!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I have been wanting to blog for a week or two now but the problem is I have NOTHING to blog about. So here is what has not been going on around here!

I am still single! Okay not really but Michael is still not here with me. The good news is he has his test dates for flying so he (cross all your fingers) should be here by the 23rd :) We are hoping that this will all go right for once! I am so thankful for him and for sticking through it all. I just can't wait to be with him again! So for moral support I am going out to see him on Wednesday and will drive back with him (cross your toes)!

P90X.... do I need to say more? I have officially began the insanity! Some women in our ward/stake invited my mom and I to do it with them! So we are working out with them Mon, Wed, and Fri. We have the videos as well so we will do the other days on our own! My first day was on Friday and it was BRUTAL! Lets just say that today I am finally moving with grace haha! But I really like it am excited to see the results!

Crafting is AWESOME and I am trying to do lots of it!!! Yes... I am STILL working on my craft blog and should have it up and running soon! I have also been working on this little craft business... more info will be coming soon! Oh and my mom and I are not apart of a card exchange club! I am so excited!

In the meantime my mom and I have been cleaning the house out and getting lots done. Michael studies, studies, and well studies! All is well though.... hopefully the next post will be more interesting and will involve pictures! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

A new beginning!

Man lots has happened since I last posted! It has been a very busy past 4 weeks!

To begin, we moved out of our wonderful little apartment that I already miss! We moved out on the 24th of April and loaded all our stuff into my dad's enclosed trailer. Thank heavens he had it! It was a huge help. Thank you too all those who helped us load it up! (Sorry I was too busy packing, I got no picts of the move... I am kicking myself!!)

MICHAEL GRADUATED! It is official, Michael is officially a graduate of Utah Valley University and I couldn't be a prouder wife! His major was Aviation Science, professional pilot. Graduation was great and it was so nice to have so much family attend! Here are a few pictures!

Michael with his mom and dad

Michael,my mom and me
Seth, Cindy, Michael, and I

BFF's forever :)

Doesn't he look handsome?

Next, my cousin Nicholas got engaged and we just love his fiance! Her name is Amy and she is perfect for him! They will be getting married in August and we are just tickled for them!

Last, I am officially in Colorado and living here! I came out with my mom on the first of this month and have been supper busy thus far! I am working for my dad at his dental office part time and then working/helping/having fun with my mom around the house doing great big projects part time! I have loved it so far and there is still so much to do! We are staying in the basement and have moved Logan and Cameron out of their room and I am working on getting all our stuff set up! I should have it all done by the end of the month! Unfortunately Michael is not out here quite yet. He had to stay in Utah for a few weeks to finish up a couple things with flying so I will be glad to have him with me again! We hope to have him here by the end of the month so STARS.... PLEASE ALIGN NOW! Thanks :)

The main thing that was hard to leave was our family and friends. We had so many loved ones out there that we are going to miss like crazy!Little miss Lindy. I wanted to thank Alan and Lexi for letting us spend so much time with their little one. She is so precious and has helped us fill some little holes in our heart!

Lexi and I

Cindy, Lexi and I put putting

Here is the gang :)

So before I left, Dr. Swenson (the dentist I was working for) took me and the office to lunch. They were so sweet and gave me a going away basket with lots of fun goodies. I have so cute picts but I can't get them off my camera so I will have to post them later. I am already missing them all so much, especially Melissa! She is due with her first baby in June and I can't believe I wont be there! She knows that I will be thinking of her lots and will come visit soon!

Well I could go on and on about the loved ones that we are missing but we are very excited to be in the Springs and living with family! As always, lots to look forward to and a long wonderful journey ahead of us!!

As always, Lots of love!