Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a post

So I have wanted to post about our Halloween and our fun costumes but Mike's stinking rude lap top hard drive is going out on us and we have only had it for 14 months! I am TICKED! Not to mention the warranty JUST expired.... grrrrrr. And to boot we tried to back everything up and it won't let us so now we have to PAY Best Buy to transfer everything otherwise I will loose ALL our picts over the past year! Computers.... it's a love hate relationship, right now it is more hate though lol. So... Halloween was wonderful and we enjoyed the scary movies (though Michael brought me to tears one night he scared me so bad!). Once I can get a hold of our pictures I will be sure to post our costumes!

I hope all our friends and family who are far away from us are doing well. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful examples in our lives and we are thankful for you all! Remember to keep those you love close to your heart and let them know of your love for them! Lots of Love!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Time!

So the last 8 weeks have finally slowed down.... just a hair though lol. Mike and I celebrated our birthdays- Mike on September 28th and I on October 1st. It was a very simple birthday for both of us this year but we were just happy to be together! I was able to surprise Michael and have one of his best friends come out and visit for a weekend. It was a very hectic and crazy weekend but it was good to see them and visit for a bit! Thanks for coming out Seth and Cindy!

Mike's mom and dad had the opportunity to come visit us back in the middle of October! We had so much fun and was so glad that we were able to host them! We did all the fun touristy things that you do when you go on vacation and of coerce, we relaxed and visited quite a bit!
So to start off, we drove to the top of Pikes Peak and it was so beautiful! I had not been up on top is years! I will have to admit that the ride up got me just a hsir, but the ride back down was not bad at all! After that wonderful trip, we went and visited the little town of Manitou Springs. It is a nice, quaint little town that is nussled up against the bast of Pikes Peak. We just walked around for an hour or two and found our Halloween costumes! We were so excited! !The next day we went and had a private tour of the Gleen Eyrie Castle. It was the home to the founder of Colorado Springs and the castle and land is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

We last visited the wonderful red rocks in Colorado Springs... Garden of the Gods! It's amazing how all the rocks got that way, but I wont bore you with the hundreds of pictures we took . We had a great time! In closing, there was lots more we wanted to do but not enough time, life is funny that way! We were lucky that the weather was just perfect the weekend they came out so we were able to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Thanks again mom and dad Brown for visiting!