Monday, October 20, 2008

What does the fall weather bring?

Unfortunately... sickies. Mike and I had both been fighting a slight cold and then it all hit me! I believe it was something between strep, the flu and a cold. This weekend was slightly miserable but with all the TLC from my hubby I was able to get some good rest and I am slowly getting better :) I decided that the only thing that is good about being sick is all the attention and love that you get from your sweetheart (not to mention all the yummy treats and back scratches)! Well October has been good to us so far. I had my 22nd birthday on the first which was wonderful! The best thing about this month is that life has finally slowed down just a bit! I have been working lots and Mike has been studying hard. Besides that we are just trying to stay healthy!! Lots of love!

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Emily and Rob said...

awwww sad! I hope you feel better!!! I miss ya tons and tons!