Friday, May 14, 2010

A new beginning!

Man lots has happened since I last posted! It has been a very busy past 4 weeks!

To begin, we moved out of our wonderful little apartment that I already miss! We moved out on the 24th of April and loaded all our stuff into my dad's enclosed trailer. Thank heavens he had it! It was a huge help. Thank you too all those who helped us load it up! (Sorry I was too busy packing, I got no picts of the move... I am kicking myself!!)

MICHAEL GRADUATED! It is official, Michael is officially a graduate of Utah Valley University and I couldn't be a prouder wife! His major was Aviation Science, professional pilot. Graduation was great and it was so nice to have so much family attend! Here are a few pictures!

Michael with his mom and dad

Michael,my mom and me
Seth, Cindy, Michael, and I

BFF's forever :)

Doesn't he look handsome?

Next, my cousin Nicholas got engaged and we just love his fiance! Her name is Amy and she is perfect for him! They will be getting married in August and we are just tickled for them!

Last, I am officially in Colorado and living here! I came out with my mom on the first of this month and have been supper busy thus far! I am working for my dad at his dental office part time and then working/helping/having fun with my mom around the house doing great big projects part time! I have loved it so far and there is still so much to do! We are staying in the basement and have moved Logan and Cameron out of their room and I am working on getting all our stuff set up! I should have it all done by the end of the month! Unfortunately Michael is not out here quite yet. He had to stay in Utah for a few weeks to finish up a couple things with flying so I will be glad to have him with me again! We hope to have him here by the end of the month so STARS.... PLEASE ALIGN NOW! Thanks :)

The main thing that was hard to leave was our family and friends. We had so many loved ones out there that we are going to miss like crazy!Little miss Lindy. I wanted to thank Alan and Lexi for letting us spend so much time with their little one. She is so precious and has helped us fill some little holes in our heart!

Lexi and I

Cindy, Lexi and I put putting

Here is the gang :)

So before I left, Dr. Swenson (the dentist I was working for) took me and the office to lunch. They were so sweet and gave me a going away basket with lots of fun goodies. I have so cute picts but I can't get them off my camera so I will have to post them later. I am already missing them all so much, especially Melissa! She is due with her first baby in June and I can't believe I wont be there! She knows that I will be thinking of her lots and will come visit soon!

Well I could go on and on about the loved ones that we are missing but we are very excited to be in the Springs and living with family! As always, lots to look forward to and a long wonderful journey ahead of us!!

As always, Lots of love!


Claire said...

I'm glad everything is going well for you. I miss you at Dr. Swenson's!

Lexi said...

I miss you so much! But I'm glad things are going well and that you're having fun. Please post pictures of all your projects. I'd love to see them. And feel free to come visit Lindy anytime. :)

Gabe & Melissa said...

Miss you Tonz! Sounds like you are staying plenty busy! I can't wait till you come out to visit in a little bit!! Love ya Megs.

Tim and Kamee said...

congrats to the grad. yay that is so awesome for you guys.