Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes I am sure you have guessed, WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! There are no words to describe how we feel. Let me tell you a little about our ultrasound appointment!

Her head and profile

The top pict is her foor and the bottom is another of her profile!
Seeing my little sweetheart for the first time on an ultrasound was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. It truly brought having a baby to life. Michael was so darling and held my hand the entire time and he had a grin that reached from ear to ear! I couldn't believe that it was an entire 45 minutes we got to see her! So far, she is good and healthy. She moved around so much during her appointment that we have to go back in August for another ultrasound to get a better look at her... DARN! We didn't find out until the VERY END of the appointment that she is a girl but it was well worth the wait. Here are a few more fun things we found out about our sweet pea.

* She is a wiggler already - it was so fun to watch her move around and see all her developing body parts!
* She has big feet - well, what else did you expect!
* She only measured 2 days ahead of schedule so she is right on track!
* We forgot to ask what her length was but she was 11 oz... just kind of cool.

Right after our appointment! 19 weeks

After our appointment, we skyped mom and dad Brown and told them by holding up a pink piece of card stock. Now Michaels mom was darling and said "Oh no, I am not good at these kinds of things... it's a pink paper ITS A GIRL!" You could just see the wheels turning in her head and then hear the excitement in her voice as soon as she got it. She was so excited! It was one of the best reactions of the day!
We had planned to go to Carters after our appointment and celebrate by getting a few outfits! So we promptly got over there and got 4 DARLING little outfits. My family still did not know the gender of the baby so we went over to my parents place, made everyone leave the room, and when they returned we had the outfits out on us! They loved it and are just as excited!!
After we told my family!
I am now feeling her move every day and I LOVE it! Michael felt her move for the first time this past Monday night and that was pretty special. I can't wait until we can constantly feel her with our hands and other can feel her too! Man, it is so cool to be saying HER or SHE by the way... :)
I am doing really well, loving this part of the pregnancy. I am pretty tired but part of this is my fault... I'm pushing it with the late nights. I am EXTREMELY thirsty these days and am using the restroom like a racehorse! Food is AMAZING and I look forward to EVERY meal. My emotions on a good day when I am NOT pregnant run wild so these days, I seem to cray multiple times a day. Some days I don't feel like me, it's kinda funny! So besides the minor achy back, restless nigh sleeps, and tired feet and legs, I'm doing awesome! Like I said before, I just can't wait to feel her more though I don't think that will take long!

Michael... I may get a little emotional during this part of the post so I guess I'll make it short and sweet. He has treated me like his queen since day one and has not stopped. I don't know if this is possible but I have felt more special than ever since we found out I was pregnant. We are just loving life together. I feel like some days we are dating again, there is just a little extra spark and I am so thankful for that. I had no idea that our love would grow like this... I truly fall more in love with him each day. I can not imagine life without Michael and am grateful that I get to go through these adventures with him by my side.
I have had lots of people ask so I thought I would share our two favorite names. We have had them picked for awhile! We like Olivia and Kayla. We probably wont choose one until she is born and we get see her. How will that change our minds? I am not sure but I\we just feel like we need to meet her in person first.
As always, thank you for EVERYONES love and support. We have a lot to be thankful for these days. We are so excited for the adventures that are ahead of us and some days we REALLY wish it was November... we are a little too excited I think! I know I am not the best but I am really trying to blog more! I'll slowly get better again and into a habit. So until next time... LOTS OF LOVE!!!
 20 weeks!

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YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!! What a beautiful little girl!! You can already tell from her tiny little profile!! Congratulations you two!!!