Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is around the corner!

We have not been up to much these days. Mostly working lots and watching Kayla grow! As always I have lots of pictures so I hope to remember a little more on what has been happening around here as I post these pictures! Here is to a picture overload!! (You know I can not help myself!)

 Uncle D loves Kayla so much!
 Our little date Valentines night! Oh and I have so many
picts as of late because Michael bought me a new camera
for Valentines! LOVE IT AND LOVE HIM!!
 She loves the blanky by her face!
 It's so hard to be this cute! Love having her at work with me!
 Her hands are like this all. the. time. !!
 Love love love love love her smile!

 We like to visit daddy at work!
 She loves the shower but it sure puts her to sleep!
Grandma has had 2 surgery's on her legs the past two weeks so
Kayla kept her company and took naps with her while she
was recovering.
 Lesson learned: Don't wait too long to put new outfits on...
this was first time!
 We took our first walk the other day (the weather has warmed up)
and she quite enjoyed it! She did sleep through most of it!

So cute all bundled up!!
 I waited a very long time to put this on her! LOVE!!
We had a reunion with the couples from our birthing class.
It was a ton of fun! As you can see, the boys can't keep
their eyes to themselves already!

There is so much love for this little girl!

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The Currs said...

Oh my goodness Kayla is adorable!! You have the cutest family ever!!