Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Pictures

As all new moms probably know, it is hard not to share every darling picture that you have your little one. So I will just get the inevitable over with!

She ALWAYS has a fist in her mouth!
AND she is getting a little chunky!
 She now likes her little bear!
 Kayla's first Easter! She did like it, promise!

 Thanks to my good friend Stefanie Kayla has the best toy ever!

 Yes, even babies can have skinny jeans!!
 Mamma and baby having a matching day!

 Her laugh is so stinking cute. Love me some little giggles!
 This picture makes her look all grown up!
Oh yes, those are converses!

After all those picts nothing I say will keep you interested! I will tell a little of our life as of late...

Michael's parents came out and spent Conference weekend with us and we have some great down time! Kayla naturally loved spending time with grandma and grandpa Brown.

Kayla is 5 month now! Can not believe it! Changing all the time and our favorite as of late is her giggles. She has begun spitting and she thinks it is funny. Oh and she is not rolling over yet but
I am okay with that because I know once she does it will all be over!

We are working lots, then we play lots with little miss Kayla. Other than that, not too much! I am trying to be better about blogging about ALL of us. I'll try to do that next time!

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Heidi Hovey said...

I'm in love with that jungle jumper too. The best thing I ever bought for isabel. She is so sad she can't fit in it anymore. When i got it out to pack she was upset that she couldn't sit in it. ha.