Thursday, June 14, 2012

Play Ball!

Our agent who helped us buy our house is so kind. He is constantly trying to give us stuff. Well this time we lucked out! He gave us tickets to a Sky Sox game (that included all you can eat dinner) at no charge! We took 2 of my brothers and my little sister as well as our two good friends Rob and Emily. The tickets included a dinner before/during the game which was all you can eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the sides and fixings to go with them. It was awesome!

  We had a lot of fun at the game. The one down side was it was pretty chilly out! It was windy the first hour of the game and then it finally calmed down. The crazy thing was the three days before had all been in the 80's and naturally the day we went out is was in the 60's. Oh well, we had a good time anyways. Kayla did pretty well and loved all the action. We will for sure go to another game this season!

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