Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer 2008

The summer has been so much fun and we have been very busy! We went to Romeo Colorado where we spent July 23rd and 24th and celebrated pioneer days with the Rogers side of the family! We spent the weekend spending time with the family, four wheeling, going to the carnival, watching the parade, and relaxing! The next week my mom and I were able to attend Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake and we had a blast! I was quite sick but we had lots of fun none the less and got some REALLY cute stuff. I am loving being a demonstrator! Since then we have enjoyed being with family, going to 7 Peaks, watching movies, fighting HORRID allergies (both if us!), playing games, and of course working! I have been kinda sick the last couple of weeks and am finally feeling better and was able to clean my apartment and get organized this last week! The one thing I can not clean though is the yucky ants that will not leave us alone! Almost every day they decide to pay us a visit wither on the kitchen floor or on the stove top! All I can say is 409 is the only way to get rid if them... for a short time at least. After working on feeling better, I forgot that my body has yet to meet the sun this summer and I burnt my thighs, chest, back and shoulders this last weekend and I am at the itching stage... it is miserable. None the less it has felt so good to catch back up! Mike's last day at work is tomorrow so that he can focus on school which begins in two weeks so we are looking forward to our schedules changing... again! Never a dull moment! :)

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