Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The time has come!

Well fall is coming... hip-hip horoay! We are very excited and ready for the cool air to arrive. For Michael, school has finally started and so far so good. He is taking 17 credits and will be very busy trying to finish his flight hours and trying to keep up with all his homework. We found out some great news, Mike looks like he will be graduating sometime next year so there is light at the end of the tunnel! The last month was a pretty good wrap up for our summer. My mom, dad and Maddie brought Logan out to school and totally surprised me about two weeks ago! My mom helped me with my open house (which was greatly appreciated) and then we went to the first BYU home game which was incredibly hot but fun! It was fun to have my family stay with us in our cozy little apartment; the weekend was just too short! Just a week before that we had the opportunity to go and visit some friends up in Rexburg Idaho! We relaxed, went to the temple, and then as a wedding gift, Jessie and JB took us up to Jackson Hole Wyoming to a place called Bar J where we had a chuck waggon dinner and then watched a show that was hysterical! So, that cozy-ups our summer and brings us back to where we are which is going to school and working! Love to all and happy fall! :)

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