Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A bitter sweet day

Well today was the day that my brother Logan entered the MTC. My mom and dad flew out here yesterday with Logan. Then last night my grandma and grandpa Wagner had a very nice big dinner for all of our family in Utah who was not able to come to his open house in Colorado and everyone was able to wish him good luck on his new journey! All morning Logan was jittery and very excited to get going. He was so excited and ready to just do it! Then this afternoon, I, Mike, my mom, my dad, and my cousin Melissa took him to the MTC. Naturally, it was hard to let go. The MTC president told us all that he left our arm and went into the Lords. What a wonderful thing to know! We are all so proud of him and the road that he has decided to take. This is a journey that will be well worth it and will help him shape who he will become. We are all very excited for him yet we will all miss him (my mom and I decided that red eyes will be a new look for us during the next week!). We wanted to thank all of our family and friends for all the love and support that you give to us and to Logan!

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I love these pictures!! I am so excited for Elder Rogers. What an amazing missionary he is. I miss the MTC! Seeing these pictures and hearing about your experience took me back to when I entered the MTC. My love and wishes go to you Elder Rogers. The pictures of you and him are precious.