Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long over due

So I am so happy to shout Logan's home! I can not believe that glorious day arrived! So here is the story!

Tuesday January 11th - Logan's homecoming eve- we were just about done with the cleaning of the house, the shopping, and all the other fun stuff! Landon had a game at PC that night and we were out the door when we got a very devastating phone call. I answered the phone, saw that it was Connecticut and got very excited. I answered expecting it to be Logan and on the other end of the line came a deep voice that asked for Sister Rogers... It was Logan's mission president! I knew that could not be good. Well long story short was there was a huge snow storm on its way out east and they had shut down the airport in Heartford and had canceled all the flights for the next day... THE DAY LOG WAS SUPPOSE TO COME HOME! Log would be coming home Thursday if not Friday depending on when flights were up and running again. It was an intense night for everyone. many tears and phone calls later we worked everything out. So now Log was coming home (we were hoping at this point) on Thursday .The minor problem with that was my dad and I were going to be in Alamosa seeing patients all day so we would miss him homecoming! Well naturally my dad missed his son very much and reassured us all that he would reschedule patients for another day. He was not going to miss his sons homecoming.

Wednesday January 12th - the day Log was suppose to come home but even better.... OUR 3rd ANNIVERSARY! We were going to very nicely share our special day with Log but we ended up having the night to ourselves ( for the most part). We went to dinner and just hung out together which was much needed. We decided that we are going to celebrate some more when life calms down a little. We did exchange a few gifts and I was tickled that Mike had gotten me a necklace from Jane Seymour's open heart collection! I just love it! I guess this part is a little anti climatic... we are still madly in love and that is what matters most!

Later that evening my mom, Madi, and I made all of Logan's signs to take to the airport. We found out that Log was in face coming Thursday at the same time and all... just one day late. It was funny because it felt a lot like groundhog day! We were saying the same things we had said the day before "can you believe Log will eat dinner with us tomorrow?" "can you believe that we will be able to hug Log in 16 hours?" Yes... that went on all day long!

Thursday January 13th- the day Log ACTUALLY comes home! Well there is not much to say beside we could hardly stand it... Log came in around 1:30 and we were ready. There were lots of cheering, emotions, tears and laughter. Log came walking our with camera in hand videoing US! It was quite funny. We then went from the airport and went to lunch, then straight to Madi's first bball game of the season, then straight to the church where Log was released, spoke to the high council, then finished the night at Chick-Fil-a where we had dinner. Log got to "go home" at 9:30 that night and we promptly listened to all the up-to-date- music and unpacked our very tired and emotional return missionary. I'll finish with pictures because they speak 1000 words :) Log... it is AWESOME to have you home. I have missed you!


Rob and Em said...

what the crap i didnt think i was supposed to be emotional anymore...all the pictures of you all crying made me cry bahaha. so happy he's home! sorry you had to wait!!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great day, even though it was delayed a little. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary too!

Afton and Matson Tolman said...

I love that family!