Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby showers are the best!

I am a lucky girl and was given my first baby shower! I know it was a little early but my good friend Lisa was in town and wanted to be here for it so she asked to be the hostess and she did a great job! We had so much fun and the food was AMAZING (because you know it is all about the food these days)! There was lots of food, fun games, gifts, and tons of chatting. It is always so nice to be sourounded by the family and friends that you love so much.
I was unable to adiquately express my appreciation to all those who came and for all that they gave to me. Our baby girl is already so bless and loved. I honestly got a little chocked up at one point as I was opening my gifts because ALL the gifts were filled with so much love and thought. Every individual gift was appreciated and I wanted to tell them each how much it meant to me and Mike. I will never be able to tell anyone quite how I feel but it was nice to have one  those moments where I realized that she is truly on her way and we could not be more thankful!
THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA for all your hard work. The decor was DARLING, the food was SCRUMPTIOS, and it was jsut an all around great shower! I was lucky to have lots of neighbors, close friends, family, and besides Lisa, a friend come from out of state who I had not seen in years! Those who were unable to attend or who were too far away were missed, I hate partying without ALL my friends and family with me! Though I must say that I can often feel their love! I once again am a lucky girl to have lots of loved ones so there will be another shower coming up in a few months! We certinly do not have all that we need quite yet but we have a great start! I am not sure how people get all that they need without showers! They are such a blessing!
So here are a few picts... I was 23 weeks!

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