Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A post to remember!

Just a few things I wanted to share (more or less for my records) about what is changing while being pregnant!
- Feeling her move is the most AMAZING thing I have ever experienced! She is very very active and I am feeling her every day! It is good for my mind and I know she is okay because I feel her so often. We are not quite to the point where we can see my stomach move or where others can ALWAYS feel her but once in awhile she will kick hard enough to move my hand!

- No one told be about heart burn and acid reflux! I have had indigestion for a few months now and have learned how to deal with it. The pits is I get it with almost ANYTHING that I eat! The reflux has just started and I do NOT like that part. I am still trying to figure out how to fix that one. I know the old saying, that she will have lots of hair because I have heart burn and all I can say is BRING IT ON (I got lots of fun things for her hair already!)

- The water retention in my feet and ankles is too funny! I am not swollen all the time (thank goodness) but when I am it makes for great entertainment! I do need to put my feet up as much as possible to help them not be so sore. Luckily I don't have too much back pain yet, mostly just at the end of the day!

- Sleeping. Well I didn't expect to have troubles this early! Between getting up multiple times in the night (yes... multiple times already!) and not getting comfortable, some nights I sleep well and others feel like I am wasting my time with sleeping because I feel worse the next morning! I am checking with my doctor but I feel like I need 10 hrs of sleep a night and it still is not enough! Maybe she is going through a growth spurt and I really just need the sleep! I have crazy odd, creepy, off the wall dreams, and often get leg cramps that wake me up with me screaming!

- Oh the water works. I am a pretty emotional person before I was pregnant and it seems like with each passing day I am crying more and more. It has been pretty funny because Mike will just start laughing and I get laughing and then I bawl like a baby! This has also given us quite a bit of entertainment! Not that we need a reason to cuddle but all the water works has given Mike and I good cuddle time because all he can do is laugh and hold me when I get slightly out of control! This is a part of being pregnant that I do not mind so much!

- Cravings. Well I don't really crave one thing and one thing only. Okay maybe a piece of cake from Albertsons makes its way back into our home at least ONCE a week. Sweets are a fave of mine as of late weather it be a piece of cake, cookies, cupcakes, or muffins. It is all Divine! 
I mostly will crave something and then it is about all I can think about until I can fulfill my craving!
Mexican is another favorite (enchiladas with red sauce and chips with salsa).
Next would be salads (odd right?!?!) especially Olive Garden's salad, any Caesar salad, any LOADED salad, or the cluck salad from Red Robin!
Last is anything spicy like Red Robins buffalo style clucks and then their frys are AMAZING!
I have craved some things that are out of my nature like PB'J sandwiches and a JR bacon cheese burger from Wendy's!
I am truly grateful that I have my appetite back and that so much of what I eat hits the spot! I LOVE this part of pregnancy!

We had another ultrasound last week and it was once again magical! SHE IS ALREADY SO BEAUTIFUL! Anything they were watching or were slightly concerned about is no longer an issue and all is well! We are so thankful for that! We were able to see her yawn and that was way cool. She weighed 1lb 11oz and is in the 56 percentile! She looked long to me but they said that they can not measure her length because she is now too big!!

Here are some of the 3D picts we were lucky enough to get!! We think she is beautiful already!!

I have been working on her room lots and finally got it organized! Well not completely but good enough for now until we get the rest of all her stuff! I'll take picts soon! We also put together her stroller and read all about her car seat. Mike can not wait to put it in the car and I am right there with him!
Life is... well throwing us MANY curves that keeping hitting us pretty hard. Though we are not quite sure what the next few months have in store for us, there are a few things we do know. We are more in love with each other than we could have ever imagined. Together, as a couple, we are flying high and are in the best place that we have ever been in. Michael is my best friend. There is no one I would rather be with then him! We have so much fun together! The best part of my day is opening the door and having Mike jumping up to give me a hug and a kiss. What a lucky girl I am! I don't mean to get all mushy, I just wanted to express my appreciation for my marriage.

Since this post has been more on the boring side, I promise to make the next one more exciting! 
Enjoy the end of summer because fall is knocking at all of our doors!! WOOHOO!!  

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Rebecca said...

Isn't the kicking so reassuring? I loved that both of my kids were active so I knew they were okay. The heart burn and reflux is not fun, you pretty much just get used to it. I had it half the pregnancy with James and pretty much since day one with Grace. I ended up not really noticing it anymore with Grace since it was always there non-stop.
I love the ultrasound pictures, she's adorable! I can't wait to see how tall she'll be!!