Monday, March 9, 2009

Counting Blessings

This month has been a great month so far! Not much has really happened but life has just been good! This morning my family got to talk to Logan before he flew off to Connecticut! It was so good to talk to him and to hear his voice! He is doing so well and is so strong and has inspired me to be better. I could not help but think about how good things have been for Michael and me lately. There are always challenges and hardships but often the good outweighs the bad. There are a lot of family’s struggling for many reasons throughout the world right now. All day all I could think about were the many yet simple blessings that the Lord had given me. It is true, once you are blessed, all you want to do is give back to the Lord and right now that is all I want to do. Most of all I am so thankful for the Gospel, my amazing and loving husband, and for a family is stands besides me! :)

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Emily said...

love ya girlie!