Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tagged by Emily!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:

1. I was a junior at PCHS

2. Just finishing basketball season

3. Taking my siblings everywhere my mom couldn’t

4. Driving a truck (oh ya Em!)

5. My day began at 5am and ended sometime between 12-1am... haha I couldn't do that now if I tried!

5 Things on my to do list for today:

1. Work on my blanket

2. Clean the bathroom

3. Do something fun with my sweetheart

4. Get some good sleep

5. Get my oil changed

5 Things I would do with a million dollars:

1. Pay off Mike's school and my car

2. Get into a house with a yard, a garage, a kitchen table... I don't ask for much!

3. Buy my honey an airplane of his choice :)

4. Travel around Europe with my man

5. Do lots of crafts! (I'll do them with you Em!)

5 Places I have lived:

1. Bountiful, UT

2. Kansas City, MO

3. Colorado Springs, CO

4. Rexburg, ID

5. Provo, Orem, and Pleasant Grove, UT

5 Jobs I have held:

1. Office assistant (At my dad's dental office)

2. Worked at the front desk at Hampton Inn and Suites

3. Office manager at a dance studio

4. Dental assistant

5. Someday a mom :) (I have not had 5 jobs lol)

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 Years:

1. Be a stay at home mom :)

2. Be in some kind of house (condo, townhome, etc.)

3. Doing lots of service

4. Have my Stampin' Up! business up and running

5. Doing laundry, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, running errands and cooking on a daily basis!

5 People I tag:

Afton T, Melissa M, Kellie B, Carissa R, and Lexi A

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