Monday, January 4, 2010

The End of 2009

Hohoho.... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We love the holiday season and kept very busy! There were Christmas parties, gift shopping, carrying out traditions and lots of love! We were able to spend Christmas with my family here in Utah at my Nanas house. There were about 35 of us most of the time and the number even got up to about 50 at one point! Every day was planned for about 5 days straight and it was VERY crazy yet VERY fun! Some of the activities were ice skating in downtown SLC, going to see the lights at temple square, gingerbread house making, scavenger hunts, lots of food, lots of games put together by Nanna, a visit to bountiful to visit my grandpa, again MANY games, and SOOOOOO much more! We were also able to talk to Logan on Christmas day and he is doing AWESOME! He says he is "livin' the dream'! We can hardly believe that he has been in the mission field for a year now! Here is a fun picture of him of when the leaves were changing back in the fall.
Then we traveled up to Logan and spent time with Michael's side of the family for the new years. This was a nice change where things were much more low key. we played lots of games, slept lots, ate lots, played lots of wii, went sledding, and had lots of family together time. It is so fun to spend some time with our nieces and nephew! They are so stinkin cute! All together the holidays were wonderful! Here are a few pictures!

Oh and yes... I chopped my hair! I cut about 12 inches about a month ago and I am loving it! I tried to donate it to locks of love but they would not take it because I had bleached highlights.... lame. Oh well... it has been very fun!

I was not able to send a Christmas card to everyone so here is the picture we sent out and the little saying that went with it....

During our second year of marriage our great life gave to us….
12 months of lovin’
11 doctor’s visits
10 temples visited
9 weeks of Mike’s new job
8 days at Disney World
7 Holidays spent with family
6 days of camping
5 weeks of military
4 BYU football games
3 nieces and a nephew
2 years of marriage
And our first time moving as a couple!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
With Lots of Love,
The Browns

So I will close with this. How thankful we were for such a wonderful year and for all that we were blessed with. We have truly felt the Love of Christ this year and could not have done it without the Gospel in our lives! Our family and friends are so precious to us and we are who we are today because of them. Our love for each other grows stronger each and every day and with that love, anything is possible!

* HAPPY 2010! *

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Preston and Lisa said...

your hair is so cute megan! Im glad you are liking it! I wish I could have been the one to cut 12 inches off.. that sounds like fun!! Im so glad you guys had a great end of the year! We miss you tons and hope to see you soon! LOVE YOU GUYS!