Monday, January 25, 2010

Our January!

Well 2010 is going well so far! Michael and I celebrated our second anniversary on the 12th! We can not believe that 2 years has passed! They have been awesome! We didn't do much this year to celebrate but relax, go to dinner and a movie.
We do want to congratulate Alan and Lexi for having their baby girl! Lindy Faith was born Monday January 18th and mom and baby are now doing well! Lindy was in the NICU for a few days but they are home now! She is so so so cute! We are very excited for them! :)
Other than me going craft crazy and Michael and I enjoying some of our favorite TV shows, not too much has happened.... sometimes having not much to report is a good thing :)

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Rob and Em said...

awww yay!!! 2 years surely has flown!! Yall look great!!! Congrats :0)