Monday, February 8, 2010

The year gets better and better!

Oh my goodness this year keep flying by faster and faster! Well the last month has been a ton of fun! Here are a few highlights...

- Mike is playing ward ball... for TWO wards! We are going to a young family student ward so he is playing with them AND for the family ward we would have been in! He loves playing and I love to watch him tear up the court!

- I am playing basketball too! Yes... even though I have not played in years I am having a ton of fun! It has been a great opportunity to make some new friends too! We are a pretty good little team but we mostly love the workout!

- The down side of playing ball is that there is a chance that you can get hurt... and naturally I can manage that! About 2 1/2 weeks ago I took a charge during our game and fell wrong and my head whip lashed back and I hit the floor HARD! We checked for a concussion and Mike watched me closely all that day but nothing was really wrong besides me having a horrid headache! Well last week I decided to go to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. I STILL had the headache and I had been recently feeling nauseous. So I went to the doctor and he decided to order a CAT scan of my head! Well I was fine with it until the technician freaked me out! He stuck me in a little room all by myself and told me to stay there until he called my doctor! I SAT THERE FOR 40 MINUTES FREAKING OUT! Luckily everything was fine, it was just procedure (which would have been nice to know)! So I am still waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if anything small was found, I am just thankful there is not a bleed somewhere in my head!

- Friends - We are finally meeting some couples in our ward and are making some awesome new friendships! WOOHOO! Friends can always make my day - old and new :)

- Supper Bowl Party- Lets get honest.... the best part of the game is having a reason to invite lots of friends and family over and have a good time! That is just what we did, invited some people over, had lots of food and lots of fun! :) Thanks to all those who celebrated with us!

Sorry, no picts this time but I will try and take some soon! :)

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Kayli Nagel said...

Life sounds like its going great for you guys! I am so sorry about your head... I hope everything is ok. I guess that's why they say church basketball is the brawl that begins with a prayer!