Monday, September 12, 2011

It's fall yall!

I have to start with our newest good news. Michael got a full time job! I am telling you, it is either feast or famine. Two weeks ago he actually had 2 job offers in a 24 hour period and we went with the one that was closest to home (since the pay and duties of both were comparable). Now he is the newest employee of Pikes Peak Cargo Secure which is a company that makes sells cargo and shipping supplies for the military. It is a small company but he enjoys the people he works with and his responsibilities. He is considered the office manager and he will be just about anything else that they need him to be. It is just nice to have him working every day at a secure job... I think he forgot what that felt like! It is definitely a blessing that we are thankful for. I am just happy that he is enjoying his job and is happy with what he is doing.

Other than that... we are plugging along.

27 weeks

I am OFFICIALLY in my 3rd trimester and have just under 11 weeks to go! I can not believe that we are this close! I know I have been blogging a lot about my pregnancy but this is a great way to keep a journal and there are a few things that I would like to share!

Okay I am going to get down and personal. I can not believe how I have popped!!! My tummy is HUGE and I just LoVe it! I have officially gained 35 pounds and the doctor said I will probably gain another POUND a WEEK! WOW! Oh well... I feel good and I don't THINK I look ridiculously huge. I am still working on eating somewhat well (those cravings are STRONG though lol) and I am really working on getting a little bit of exercise. I guess my body is doing what it needs to do!

Overall I love being pregnant! There are a few side effects that can be a little ruthless (heartburn/indigestion, VERY swollen and sore feet, getting poor sleep, and exhaustion) but there is a ton that I love (feeling her move CONSTANTLY, the prego belly, and food cravings). Oh and I felt her hiccups for the first time yesterday! SO COOL! Yep... overall I have been a lucky pregnant woman!

29 weeks

Since we are getting close to my due date (FINALLY) I think I have started feeling the rush to get lots done! I have been making lists for months for what all needs to get done before she is born and I think I am doing fairly well with it! I have made half of my Christmas cards, completed about 30 handmade thank you cards for the future, began making some of my Christmas gifts, made my mailing list for my Christmas cards, making some fun crafts for baby girl, written out my hospital packing list that I will begin packing for the first of November, and in the meantime TRYING to keep up with the hours and hours of sleep that my body needs!

I am beginning to feel the pressure of all that needs to happen before she gets here and some days I don't get anything done because I become overwhelmed. I am REALLY working on keeping my stress down these days as well so I don't get too out of control (actually, Michael  does a pretty good job of that)! Luckily I still have some time on my hands and as long I keep working a little each day I know I will get it all done!

In the meantime fall is just about here, football has begun, and we are loving this time of the year! There are lots of things to look forward too over the next month (birthing classes, I and Michael's birthday, family visiting, and scouts) and we will for sure keep busy! 

Until next time... HAPPY FALL YALL!!!!


The Currs said...

Yay! Congrats on the new job!! And you have such an adorable baby bump! Love it! Miss you!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad he has a job! Congratulations to Mike! You look so cute, the baby will be here before you know it but I'm sure you'll get everything ready in time.

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Ok so I've totally been thinking about you lately... I miss you! You look so great! Seroiously though, you look like you've gained no weight, but have such a cute belly! I'm so glad to hear Mike got a job that he's liking. That'll be awesome!
Isn't it so amazing to feel your little one move around all the time? I miss that a little bit:) So glad you guys are doing well and that your pregnancy is going good. Before you know it, she'll be here. Yay! You are so on the ball too, to be thinking about Christmas already, it hasn't even crossed my mind yet, way to go! Well I miss ya and wish we lived closer, so since we don't, keep the updates comin, I love to see your cute belly and hear about wht's going on! Love ya Megs!