Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Time!

My best friend and amazing husband have the privilege of having our birthdays 3 days apart! Michael's is the 28th of September and mine is the 1st of October so it always makes for one great birthday week! We had pretty low key birthdays this year but that is okay!

On Michael's birthday I had made his his favorite dinner (lasagna, salad, and french bread), then gave him one of his favorite desserts, banana cream pie and eggnog! We relaxed all night, just the two of us with nothing to do.... it was grand!

For my birthday we went out to breakfast to Golden Coral which was AMAZING! It held us over until dinner actually! We were able to watch General Conference all day and just relax and enjoy the many MANY wonderful talks! Michael then surprised me and told me I was going to get an hour long pregnancy message which was amazing! I am a very lucky girl!

My family was out of town last weekend so last night we went to dinner with my family to Cheddars (which we had never been to before) and once again.... AmAzInG!!! We are lucky to have family close by to celebrate with. We are also lucky that Mike's parents are not TOO far away. My mother-in-law- is coming in two weeks to visit and we are VERY excited to spend the weekend with her!

I think we are most excited about our combined birthday and Christmas gift that will be arriving in the next 7 weeks or so (maybe sooner?!)... our baby girl! We can not believe that the time is really coming for her arrival! We have been taking a birthing class at the hospital that has been very helpful! I think we enjoy it much more than the other couples do. Some of the other women (I say women and not girls because I think they are all 10+ years older than me) look like they want to cry and throw up during each class! It kind of makes me laugh. We are almost there! Still lots to do but we are slowly making head way!

Until the next exciting event!

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