Monday, October 24, 2011

A little scare

Our little girl thought that it would be funny to play hide and seek this weekend.... we did not enjoy the game so much! She won lol.

Here is the story...

So Michael's mom came out for a quick visit this weekend, mostly to be here for my shower! One of my very sweet friends gave me a baby shower on Saturday (I will post about that later) therefore we had a very busy weekend!

Starting Friday evening I was not feeling a lot of movement but I thought I was moving all day long and I just wore her out! Saturday she moved very little but I was able to get her to move at the end of the day, once again another very busy day and she could have been just sleepy! Sunday was even worse because she moved just a tad in the afternoon. I had enough at the point and thought I would give her a chance to move over the evening and during the night then I would call the doctor in the morning. Well I tried everything to get her to move and she was not biting!

About 7:00 I started having a few very mild contractions and I ended up having them till about 5am this morning. I. Got. No. Sleep. Poor Mike was up pretty much all night with me and he had to work today (I was lucky and had the day off). About 4:30 Mike got me out of bed and gave me a priesthood blessing. What a comfort that was. I was praying at the point just to know what to do. Do I go to the hospital to be looked at? Do I wait till morning and just call my doctor? Or I am totally over reacting to it all? I calmed down enough to be able to sleep and we both slept for just a few hours.

About 7:15 I woke up with the thought that I needed to call the hospital and talk to the nurse right away and panic kicked in. Now looking back, I feel a little silly worrying like I did but I was very tired and very worried at this point. I called the hospital and they told me to come in so they could monitor baby and make sure all was okay.

To try and keep the story short. All is well. They monitored her for about an hour and she FINALLY did all the right things. Our nurse was wonderful and explained a lot to us about what to expect and watch for from baby girl over the next couple of weeks. Not only the good things but the bad things that we should come back in for. I was thankful that we had such a wonderful nurse. The thing that made me laugh was once I was on all the monitors and we knew baby girl was okay, the nurse told me "now that all is well with baby, I am going to lecture you. DON'T YOU EVER GO THAT LONG WITHOUT FEELING HER MOVE AGAIN!" She didn't have to tell me twice!

I was trying to not over react but I know that I would rather be safe than sorry! So thankful I went in!

We are down to just under 5 weeks! After this morning I have been making more lists of what needs to be done in the next few weeks. Our nurse today told me that because of my swelling and all the stuff that comes with it, she does not think that I will go full term and I will have this baby a little early! We will see if she is right! My BP has been a little higher than my normal but still not enough to be worried. We just need to watch it. Just all these little things that are happening that tells us she is coming!

My mom came over today and helped me go through and take inventory of the baby stuff we have. WE HAD A BLAST! Slowly but surly we are getting there!

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