Monday, October 24, 2011

What makes the difference?

Well, to be honest, lots of things. But today I was thinking of one thing in particular. His name is Michael.

I just wanted to publicly tell him how much I appreciate all that he does.

As our baby girls due date gets closer, I have noticed the uncomforts that come with time. Does it make life more tiring and my body a little sore? Sure! But that only means that she is ALMOST HERE! I am reminded daily of how lucky I am to be pregnant. With these uncomforts comes some blessings because I have a husband who loves me.

Here are some of the little things that he does almost DAILY. Make dinner, do the dishes, clean the house, rub my feet, massage my back, tell me he loves me, gets me what I need when I am comfy in a chair, rub lotion on my itchy belly, gives me my daily shot, and tells me how beautiful I am.

Wow. I am a very. Lucky. Woman.

I try not to take the little things for granted and this is one I hope I don't.

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